10 Exclusive Freebies Only For Students

Being a student has its advantages and disadvantages. Throughout our student life, we all have cribbed at least once how we want to grow up and be an adult so that we don’t have to study anymore. Even today, if you give a student an option to choose between writing a college application essay or going to a job, 90% of students will choose the latter! However, we cannot deny that being a student has its perks and advantages. How can we forget the student concessions on public transport or travel tickets? Here are ten such exciting freebies and discounts that only a student can get in 2022 –

  1. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 is easily one of the most used software for students. It comes as a bundle of many Microsoft software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, etc. Although Microsoft 365 is a paid software for working individuals or corporates, students can use this software for free. You just need to enter your student email address, and you can download Office 365 without spending a single buck!

Microsoft Office 365 is useful in so many ways to a student, and getting this tool for free will only make their learning process much easier!

  1. Student Beans

Student Beans is one website often underrated by most students. Unfortunately, most students remain unaware of this excellent website and remain deprived of exciting discounts! This website offers mind-boggling discounts on study materials, fashion, foods, technology, sports equipment, travel, beauty, and so much more.

Most students don’t understand how to know about these discounts. All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter. Then you will start getting all the notifications and know which freebies are available for a limited time. Here are some of the examples of brands that have their tie-up with Student Beans –

  • Greggs Sausage Rolls
  • McDonald’s Burgers
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo
  • OYO hotels and many more
  1. UNIDAYs

This website is similar to Student Beans but is much more popular among students already. Just sign up on their website with your student email id, and you can get access to a world of discounts from leading brands. Some of the sample brands on UNIDAYs are

  • Ikea
  • Look Fantastic
  • Wilkos
  • Rymans
  • HP and many more

The offer on these brands keeps on changing over time. There are many offers that are only for a limited time. So, if you have already signed up for this website, keep checking the website frequently so that you don’t miss any amazing deals!

  1. Free Air pods with MacBook or iPads

Apple is one of the most popular brands among the millennials, always amazed the students with their offers. Apple usually keeps on changing its offers every few years. One offer they have been offering for some time now is free Air pods with every MacBook or iPad purchase.

So, always make sure to let the store officials know that you are a student while purchasing your next Apple merchandise. Just show them your student ID and add a brand new earphone to your collection along with your next laptop or tablet purchase. Apple rarely offers any discount on its products. So, make the most of being a student.

  1. Bank Account Freebies

Many banks have special provisions for offering zero balance accounts if you are a student. Certain banks also offer freebies along with the welcome kit for a student savings account. Students can customize their debit cards with pictures of their favorite sports team or comic heroes or get free subscriptions to OTT channels or welcome bonuses. Some banks provide special concessions on travel cards if you pay through your student cards.

So, if you plan to open a new bank account as a student, we will advise you to explore your options. Look for the offers that best suit your preference and needs.

  1. Amazon Prime

The multinational e-tail giant Amazon launched its special premium customer program, Amazon Prime, quite a few years back. Although any normal subscriber needs to shell out £8 to unlock all the benefits, Amazon offers a special student discount on its subscription fee. Not only do they get 6 months of the free trial period, but they also need to pay half the amount if they want to subscribe after that.

Having an Amazon Prime membership has a lot of perks like same-day delivery on selected products, special discounts, access to Amazon-exclusive music and video library, early access to Kindle, and complimentary access to its OTT platform. So, this is an amazing deal that students can avail themselves of for dirt-cheap prices.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming apps, and it also offers student-special discounts. While any normal person gets only one month of free trial and needs to pay £9.99 afterward, you can get better deals as a student. If you sign up using your student details, you can get two extra months of a free trial. Not only that, but you also need to pay a discounted rate of £5.99 only.

Getting ad-free music, offline listening features, and HD sound quality at less than £6 is indeed a steal!

  1. Cinema Tickets

There are many theatres across the country that provides special concessions for students. So, if you are looking to buy cinema tickets for next weekend, make sure to check if they have student tickets available. Usually, you need nothing more than your student id to avail of this benefit.

  1. Taste Cards

Taste Cards includes meals at various restaurants at half the price, discounts on movie tickers, and amusement parks. Although you need to pay a subscription fee for it, you can enjoy a 3-month free trial period if you buy it using your student id.

  1. Online Service Providers

Usually, most online service providers also provide exclusive discounts for students. So, the next time you need to use Derivative Calculator or need Oxmetrics assignment help, ask the service providers for free tools and discounts.

Final Thoughts:

A student’s life is mostly governed by various rules wherever they go. These freebies and discounts provide them with the perfect resort for entertainment and fun. Hence, if you are a student, always carry your student card with you. Always ask if a store offers any student discounts before buying anything. Even if you may not get an offer everywhere, you can manage to get some absolute steals with some luck. However, be careful not to lend your student card to some adults. Usually, these transactions go through background checks, and your benefits may get revoked if caught for some malpractice.

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