40+ Assignment Topics You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Ever wondered why students avail of academic writing services from subject matter experts? Is it for good grades? Yes. Or is it for the time stringency issue? Well, that too!

However, multiple survey reports suggest that many students are forced to request experts “please do my homework online as they struggle to brainstorm resourceful topics. Seeking help from academic professionals enables them to submit quality papers within the necessary deadlines without hampering the quality.

The availability of cheap essay writing services has spiked over the last years due to its growing popularity among students for delivering exceptional quality work at a record-breaking time. However, despite so, many students deliberately avoid such services because of several factors like trust issues.

If you are of those students hesitating to avail of assignment writing help or research paper writing service for help with pending assignments just because you don’t have good topics to work out, we have some news for you.

Below we’ve enlisted about 40+ resourceful assignment topics so that you can refer to them and develop a unique idea for your assignment without relying on an academic writing service. Let’s get started then:

  1. Importance of consistency at work
  2. Hydrogen vehicles – upsides and downsides
  3. Energy crisis worldwide
  4. War crimes in 2022
  5. The future of tour and travel
  6. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis
  7. Global warming and its impact on the ecology
  8. The future of cryptocurrency
  9. AI– Pros & Cons
  10. Gender biasness in politics
  11. Global refugee crisis
  12. Urbanisation: challenges and remedies
  13. Movies encourage crime
  14. Digital detox
  15. Money or happiness – which do you choose and why?
  16. Is censorship of OTT platforms ethical?
  17. The United Nations and its role in 2022
  18. Significance of anonymity on the internet
  19. Green Jobs and their roles in sustainable development
  20. Ways to create more jobs in underdeveloped countries
  21. The pen is mightier than the sword – Discuss
  22. E-learning in 2022
  23. Deadlines hamper creativity
  24. Work from home – Pros & Cons
  25. How will 2021 shape 2022?
  26. What has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us?
  27. Bifurcation of the Jammu & Kashmir issue
  28. How is technology damaging productivity?
  29. Discuss the merits and demerits of the National Register of Citizens
  30. Money is honey. Explain.
  31. Creativity or knowledge – which is more crucial
  32. Status of women in Afghanistan
  33. Gender equality in the 21st century
  34. Role of values in business
  35. Is world peace a myth?
  36. Population explosion – boon or bane?
  37. Love marriage vs arranged marriage – analyse the challenges and perks
  38. Reformation of the Censor Board. Discuss.
  39. Can a paperless office be a reality?
  40. The UK vs the US- which style of education is better?
  41. Attendance should be compulsory for students.
  42. The commercialisation of health care.
  43. The significance of maintaining a balance between studies and family

And there you! Now make sure to bookmark the list for reference. All the best!

Summary: Assignment writing will no longer be a nightmare if you have something interesting to work with. Therefore, the best way to stay engaged in the task is to pick an interesting and relevant topic. So, students struggling to develop issues can refer to this list to form ideas.

Author Bio: Peter Miller is a famous academician known for his unique teaching tactics. He is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com as a subject matter expert, a top-ranked platform for offering exceptional academic writing services to students of all study levels. When not working, Peter enjoys golf, reading, and fishing.

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