5 Awesome Instagram Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2022

Instagram marketing blogs plays a vital role in marketing your business across the billion users of Instagram. It not only helps in boosting the reach and engagement of your business but also helps in generating good revenue. But with time, you should adopt new marketing strategies to make your marketing more effective. Now the question is how to know new marketing strategies for Instagram marketing. 

               For this purpose, you can get help from Instagram marketing blogs. These blogs can give you ideas on different things like the best ways for Instagram marketing, how to buy Instagram Likes UK, buy likes, Instagram tools, Hashtags, and the latest trends on Instagram. Several websites cover articles on Instagram marketing. But it is not easy to find the best ones which will work best for you. 

               Therefore, we have listed five awesome Instagram marketing websites to be following in 2022 for your convenience. It is helpful for you to get marketing ideas from these best Instagram marketing blogs.

List of 5 Awesome Instagram Marketing Websites and Blogs to Follow in 2022

We have listed these five websites after keen observation of thousands of blogs on the websites, their domain authority, and freshness of the content. 

  1. Kicksta

Kicksta is the preferable website for Instagram marketing blogs. Their content is fresh and covers a wide range of Instagram marketing topics. Kicksta helps you to connect to the people who love to know what you do. It also helps in monetizing your relationship with your followers in a big way. They have a variety of blogs in each category as content creation, follower growth, influencer marketing, Instagram for business, Instagram tools and services, Instagram engagement, Hashtags, Instagram features, Instagram marketing, and Instagram Stories. 

               You can check the most popular blogs, includingBest Instagram Growth Service In 2022: We Compare The 25 Top Tools’. It will surely help you to know the latest tips, tricks, and comparisons of the tools.

  • IG Reviews

IG Reviews is there to help you in many ways. Their blogs help to know the different tips and tricks for Instagram marketing. Also, IG reviews have a range of articles on Instagram reviews. Besides Instagram reviews, their blogs are about Instagram engagement, follow tactics, buying Instagram followers, likes, and comments, guides, hashtags, and news. IG Reviews test the best Instagram follower services online today, some of the not-so-best, then report what we find.

               IG reviews also provide reliable services to buy Instagram Reviews, Instagram comments reviews, automatic Instagram likes, Instagram likes, Instagram views, and Instagram story views.

  • Entrepreneur – Instagram Marketing

Entrepreneur is a website that publishes a wide range of blogs on different topics related to a business, the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Instagram Marketing. Entrepreneur seeks to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs and offers real solutions to the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, including tips, tools, and insider news to help build and grow your business.

Entrepreneur not only publishes article on Instagram marketing but also have several articles on different categories. These categories are about; starting a business, growing a business, franchising, and inspiration. They also categorize their popular articles separately. That will help you to find the trending one easily. 

  • Embed Social 

Embed Social is beyond Instagram marketing. Because it covers different categories at a single platform, whether it is products, widgets, and templates. Embed Social has published WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and Google marketing blogs. 

Their Instagram blogs cover topics on trends, the latest updates about social media tools, Instagram marketing, and how to increase the number of followers, improve engagement, and sell on Instagram. Plus, blog posts about the latest features and tools available on the platform.

You should follow Embed Social for Instagram marketing. It will be helpful to grow your business by following the latest trends. Also, it will help you to how effectively you can sell your service or products on Instagram. 

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  • Combin – Instagram Marketing 

Combin is about Instagram marketing and content planning solution. You can attract new Instagram followers by finding, analyzing, engaging, and growing your audience with Combin. You can also plan and schedule your Instagram content (Upload images in bulk, plan Instagram stories and reels, and posts for auto-publishing). You can manage multiple accounts simultaneously (connect and grow up to 15 Instagram accounts from a single computer) and communicate with your audience (stay in touch with your community with the engagement activity automation). And also, you have the option to analyze activity and growth (monitor outcoming and incoming activity and audience growth).  

               You can follow the Instagram marketing blog on related topics like Instagram Marketing tips and tricks, strategy plans, and helpful advice on building an involved community around your brand’s Instagram account. Combin is a brainchild of Instagram brands and competent developers who provide an easy and safe experience of growing a real audience.


Instagram marketing is a quickly growing social media platform. To stay current on all the trends, you must follow Instagram marketing websites for blogs. With the countless variety of Instagram marketing blogs, it is a difficult job to find the best ones for you. Many reliable Instagram marketing websites regularly post blogs on different topics related to top Instagram marketing.

               We have listed five awesome Instagram marketing websites after researching their blogs after proper research. Their blogs cover all the topics to be followed in 2022 for better Instagram marketing. You can find blogs on the latest marketing trends, tips, and tricks to increase engagement on your profile. Also, you can have blogs on the importance of buying Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, the latest content, helpful advice on building an involved community, hashtags, guides, best ways for Instagram marketing, influencers marketing, and most effective tools for Instagram marketing. But all of these blogs are helpful if followed when necessary. These blogs are the best way to have tips and tricks to boost the reach of your business and step up your game among your competitors. 

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