6 Best Diwali Party Ideas for Friends

Diwali, a festival of lights is the biggest among all the festivals celebrated in India on the 15th day of the Kartika according to the Hindu calendar which usually occurs in the month of October or November. But the preparations start a month before, the roads get more congested, the markets get brighter, firecrackers and lights everywhere, everyone’s hearts are filled with happiness, and the weather starts screeching, all these rings about Diwali approaches.

Now Diwali 2022 is just around the corner, and don’t you think the better way to celebrate is to open the doors of your home to your friends and relatives? Throw a party at your home and spread the aura of happiness on this holy day and be ready for a big Diwali bash in your living room.

Most people organize a Diwali party every year so they are used to it and better known how can they perfectly throw a party but there are also some people who might be new at this and must be worried about how to perfectly plan the party for their loved ones.

Diwali party planning is such a daunting task so here are our expert tips and advice on how to smoothly plan your party in advance within a budget. Go through these Diwali party ideas and get ready to host a Diwali party with get-togethers, a round or two of teen-patti, lights, firecrackers, sweets and savouries, and gifts. If you are looking for any party places in Delhi, you can contact us. 

Diwali Party Themes

A theme would help you in party planning by narrowing down the type of decoration, colour scheme, gifts, or even your dress code that would ultimately enhance the overall party. It should not be the same every time, try to keep it different by choosing the unique and interesting theme of your choice. It may be a garden party theme, Bollywood dance party, Indo-western, Monochrome, dandiya dance party with DJ or dhol, casino theme, Retro,

Tollywood, a colour theme like golden, red, yellow or a combination of two colours, potluck party, and ethnic theme such as Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, the Maharashtrian for Diwali. Also, you can add a twist to any theme suppose,

if you choose a Bollywood theme, you can ask your guests to get dressed as their favourite B-town character for the party or can insist on a traditional or fusion dress of a particular color if you have chosen a colour-coded theme. All can truly electrify the entire atmosphere and spread the Diwali favour everywhere. 

Diwali Decorations 

As per the theme, the decoration can be easily planned. Diwali is the festival of lights so make sure no part of your home would leave from illuminating. Adorn your main door or entrance with torans, bandhani, floating flower petals, or twinkling lighting. You can also make creative rangoli at the entrance. Try to put electric light in the outer area as the wind may extinguish candles and diyas.

In the indoor area, you can light up your house with diyas, colourful lamps, candles, and electric lights. But make sure it would not be reachable to any inflammable substances and placed from children’s reach. As the decoration largely depends on your chosen theme so make sure it would not clash with your theme.

For instance, If you have chosen an ethnic theme, then go for traditional paper diyas and wall hangings, or if you chose the monochrome theme, then go ahead with a dual color combination for party decoration. You can also find some DIY decoration ideas. On the internet, you could find numerous of simple and creative DIY décor items like making paper marigold garlands, rangoli, colourful lamps, paper crafts, and much more that you can make with your family while enjoying time together.

So, use all the glitters that you have to make your party space sparkle and give your house a minimalist look by smartly integrating the traditional decorations into your modern party. 

Diwali Music

There is no party without music and that’s also true with the Diwali party which is incomplete without singing and dancing. Prepare a playlist of today popular songs with some old remixes. Keep a variety in your music so all your guests can enjoy the music and feel free to shake a leg. Whether you have a household system or a portable speaker, the music should keep playing in the background while you are busy with your guests. Music is magic in itself that can set a good mood and even playing the right music can make your party alive. 

Diwali Party Menu

You can’t imagine any party without food. Your menu should include drinks, finger foods or snacks, the main course and of course sweets. Keep plenty of finger food items like chaklis, French fries, mini-Vada Pav, curd dips, corn fritters, bhel, kachoris, Idli, chips and chutney, pani poori, kebabs, and aloo patties so that guests wouldn’t starve until dinner.

You can use tissue papers, disposable cutlery, or toothpicks to serve these foods. On the basis of theme and party timings, you can decide your menu and can also give your food a Diwali theme name.

Being a host if you don’t want to keep busy yourself in the kitchen during the Diwali party and want to focus only on guests, you can hire a good and trusted caterer. Nowadays, potluck parties are also common in which guests also bring their own signature dish. Don’t forget to serve drinks as it’s also important to include them in your menu.

You can welcome your guests with a fresh lemonade with jaljeera or with a masala chaai or can also order juice or sodas from outside. Now comes dessert as Diwali without sweets is like shoes without socks. So, treat your guests either with handmade sweets including Diwali special sweets such as lapse, kheer, and the Gujarati chorafali, or with readymade sweets from shops.

It is believed after the party is over if your guests love and appraise the food that you have served them, then your party is considered to be a successful one. So, you should pay extra attention to it. 

Diwali Party Games

As we all know that the most played game on Diwali is teen patti but you don’t have to limit yourself, in fact, you can choose plenty of indoor and outdoor games instead of that.

Though Diwali is all about gambling you can introduce the various other exciting games like Tambola, musical games, casino games, board games, potato race, tug of war, poker, treasure hunt, Pictionary, ethnic dress competition, card games such as blackjack bridge, rummy, etc., and competitive group games such as thread the garland, making rangolis, etc. in the given time limits.

Whatever you choose make sure everyone would participate so no one feels bored and don’t forget to give an exciting gift to the winner.

Provide Party Favors

Giving gifts and sweets to our loved ones is a tradition on Diwali. So, make sure either you have readymade gifts such as chocolates, boxes of perfumed candles, and silver idols or handmade gifts like nan khatai cookie, handmade bobbleheads, and a handmade basket of various items for your guests. Keep in mind the taste of your guests while selecting the gifts for them and try to make the gift a little personalized to make them feel special and have wonderful memories. 

Diwali is the most awaited and magnificent festival in India so just spark and brighten up your Diwali with these Diwali Celebration Ideas and make your bond with your loved ones stronger. If you don’t want to throw a party at home then there are plenty of party places in Delhi party where you would have a masquerade party.

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