6 Best Free Platforms To Learn React Native

6 Best Free Platforms To Learn React Native

To learn React Native is to get access to high-paying jobs.

React Native is among the most popular and widely used frameworks in the mobile app development industry. It has been used by many developers since it was released in 2015. And today, this framework has over 700,000+ developers (as per GitHub report). 

Companies also mostly hire react native app developers for their mobile app development projects due to its high capability and reliability. Therefore, if you are planning to build your career as a React Native developer, then it is a worthwhile decision to make. 

But before you enter this field, do you know where to start learning React Native? If not, here I have listed the 6 best free platforms where you can easily learn React Native. 

1. Udemy

Udemy is a famous online platform for learning various industry skills. It provides a wide range of different courses for learning the industry’s trending and most demanded expertise. And for React Native, Udemy provides a free introductory as well as tutorial course. 

Udemy’s ‘Into to React Native’ course is among the best courses provided by Udmey to learn React Native without any fee. This course is specifically designed for freshers or beginners who are completely new to React Native. 

In this React Native course, you will get real-time development experience and understand the fundamental concepts. Udemy also allows you to ask questions and interact with the tutor. This helps you instantly clarify the doubts and learn React Native quickly. 

2. eDX (Harvard) 

eDX is also one of the best free platforms to learn React Native. It is maintained by Harvard University. So you can easily estimate the standard of learning of this platform. eDX provides good support for learning React Native app development. It offers a dedicated free course known as  ‘CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native’. 

This course covers the important and basic topics of React Native app development.  At eDX, you can learn React Native effectively. It is because eDX provides you with scope for developing the app while learning. Here, the tutor shares a dedicated screen where you can see how you are working on the application. 

eDX is a widely reputed and reliable platform for learning industry skills online. Thus, getting certified from this platform would help you get a job in the best mobile app development company as well. 

3. React Native’s Official Site

React Native itself provides a beginner-level course for helping newcomers learn React Native. At this official site of React Native, you will get good resources and in-depth details about libraries. These resources provide you with a complete learning experience from designing to the deployment of the apps. 

You will get comprehensive knowledge of React Native app development. However, React Native doesn’t offer video lectures or practical implementation guidance. You have to read and execute the things on your own. React Native’s official site is surely a trustworthy platform to learn React Native for free. 

However, many React Native developers recommend this site if suitable for beginner-level developers. But, since they are giving the wide knowledge for free, it is a good platform to learn React Native. 

4. Spencer Carli

Spencer Carli is another good platform to learn React Native for free. This platform offers many online courses for both beginners and experienced React Native developers. Spencer Carli provides a full learning experience to beginners that help them start well in the industry. Its React Native Basics course is one of the best courses offered by Spencer Carli

to learn React Native. 

This course gives practical knowledge and theoretical concepts to effectively learn React Native. This course has a longer duration. And developers can also get quick answers to their queries. If developers wish for premium features and resources, they can also select the paid program. 

Spencer Carli is a good platform for developers who are looking for free sources to start with React Native. The best thing about this platform and its course are you get tons of knowledge and practical development tips for free. And this is usually not available on other platforms. Therefore, Spencer Carli is counted among the best platforms to learn React Native for free. 

5. Coursera

Coursera is another globally reputed online platform to learn various skills and popular courses. It is also a good platform to learn React Native. Coursera provides many free courses for learning React Native app development.  ‘Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native’ is one of the free courses offered by Coursera. 

It is a completely free course to learn React Native unless you ask for a certification. In this course, you will learn how to create purely cross-platform, native Android and iOS apps using React Native framework. It will teach you how to develop apps for multiple OS platforms with a single codebase. And how to effectively utilize your React and JavaScript skills to build mobile apps. 

Coursera is a trustworthy platform. Its courses are designed by top professionals and industry experts. As per reports, 25% of learners have completed the Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native course. 50%, of people, have got better job opportunities and salary hikes.  Therefore, if you are looking for the best platform to learn React Native in 2022, Coursera is the top choice to make. 

6. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a less popular yet beneficial platform to learn various industry skills. This platform provides an extensive range of tutorials and resources for learning React Native and other technology frameworks. freeCodeCamp is a great platform for beginners who just want to start with React Native development. 

You will get many developer tutorials and lessons to create mobile apps with React Native and other technologies. This platform also helps you get knowledge about the launching of the app. For example, you can learn how to deploy the React Native app on AWS. Hence, if you are looking for a platform where you can learn the industry’s trending skills, freeCodeCamp is a good place to go without any fee. You can also checkout:-Techbusk

To Wrap Up

That’s it. These all are the best free platform to learn React Native. Each platform provides a good course for beginners who want to start their profession in React Native development. React Native is one of the widely used frameworks in the mobile app development industry. It has good capability to build simple to advanced apps. 

Therefore, the jobs of React Native developers are high in the market. And the above-listed platforms provide good courses to learn React Native. If you learn any of their courses, you can get a high-paying job at the top React Native app development company

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Josephine Baker is associated as a React Native Developer at MobileCoderz-a globally reputed React Native app development company that provides specialized mobile app solutions with React Native technology. She has years of experience in React Native development. She creates mobile apps with this framework for different business requirements. Aside from this, She conducts webinars with the developer community and shares her thoughts on trending technology topics. 

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