Alienware Area 51 Threadripper

Alienware Area 51 Threadripper | Fastest Processor For Gaming

For the best and the most advanced gaming experience, you will always require the fastest processors. The slow and shallow will always slow you down in your gaming. At the same time, Alienware Area 51 Threadripper will give you a fantastic gaming experience with its fast and innovative technology as a processor.

Alienware Area 51 Threadripper is the most unbeatable processor, which gives an unearthly performance. It is the creation of Alienware. Likewise, it comes with the second-generation Ryzen threadripper processors. In addition, this processor is perfect for PC gaming, mega-tasking, content creation, and game streaming. Likewise, it is an award-winning processor.

This processor is instantly recognizable because of its iconic triad shape chassis. Likewise, it comes with the latest technology, which is effortlessly upgradable. Additionally, it is a toolless design. We can never compare it to standard processors as its engineering includes thermal management. You can always experience the best game with an Alienware processor.

Advanced Production of Gen Ryzen  

Ryzen threadripper has an extraordinary threat of chips. These chips give a unique and fantastic gaming experience. The second-generation processors offer about 64 threads for unparalleled computing.

This powerful second-generation Ryzen threadripper comes with powerful options. These options can be between the 16 core and the 12 core. The Ryzen threadripper processors are in demand because of their power and endless possibilities. These processors are highly acceptable in their applications, creative efforts, and workstation tasks.

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The Most Powerful 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Option

You can choose between the two excellent options, which will be 16 core and 12 core. At the same time, the current area 51 portfolio is upgraded to the level of 8 core. You can choose the different processors to experience the best graphics for gaming and streaming. The content creators should select the second-generation chips as they are ideal for running CPU-taxing applications.

At the same time, the gamers and the streamers can also be well suited with second-generation chips as these are ideal for experiencing gaming in 4K, 8K, and VR environments. The community receives the video from gaming and gets extremely dynamic footage. Therefore, this processor is a perfect option for game streamers and content creators.

The Purpose of Re-Engineering  

This processor is re-engineered to improve its productivity and extend the life of your system. The second-generation triad chassis is perfect and revolutionary for the second generation. 

  • This casing supports fewer graphics and gives extended life to your system. Furthermore, its components are easy to access. At the same time, it eliminates the plastic retention with a screwless rotation door.
  • Secondly, the materials are superior from the internal to the external. It consists of a carbon powder-coated metal skeleton, so its internal structure gives you an excellent system even under pressure.
  • Lastly, this body gives you complete access to the ecosystem. You can keep your system locked and secure with different connectivity options through 14 USB ports and other slots for the Internet and networks.

Views of Alienware  

Alienware is a different type of processor recognizable due to its iconic shape. You can find it in the iconic triad-shaped chassis. It is similar to the triangle shape. Furthermore, let us look at Alienware’s back, front, and rear panel views. This will help you to understand its specifications and compatibility completely.

  1. Front

The front of the Alienware is known as the front head. As all the processors hold their power button in the front, Alienware also has its power button in the front. You can press this button if the computer is turned off or in its sleep state.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to shut down your computer as you must only press the button for four seconds. This process will shut down your computer completely. There is an optical drive eject button, optical drive, headphone, and microphone port. Additionally, Alienware provides two ports for the USB and one port for the media card reader.

  1. Back

The back of the Alienware is quite fascinating as it has a rare IO accessibility lighting button. This button will illuminate the back panel ports. At the same time, a regulatory label will contain the information about your computer. Nevertheless, other essential things included in the rear panel are different connectors for the USB, audio, video, and other devices.

Furthermore, the essential power cable connector is found at the back; while there is also a power supply button, there is also a power supply diagnostics button. In addition, you will find 7 PCI Express graphics slots.

  1. Back Panel

The back panel is located in the back of the Alienware. All wires and the connectors can be connected to the back panel. As everything is in sequence, Alienware area 51 is quite compatible.

You can find two USB ports, a drive activity light, USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, a first-generation USB port, and an optical port, rare and side surrounding the harbor. Furthermore, you will see a line in and line out, a subwoofer, and network ports.

Width and Height with all Compactible Options

The weight of Alienware Area 51 Threadripper is different from the standard computer processor. For instance, the depth of this processor is 638.96 MM. Likewise, the width is 272.71 MM. 

The height is 569.25 MM. This means that the Alienware processor is about 22.411 inches in height. Nevertheless, the starting weight of this processor is 28, which is approximately 61.73 LBS.

Perfect Edition for Windows 10

Alienware is a perfect processor with an AMD Ryzen threadripper. Additionally, it uses the chipset of AMD X399. Ultimately, it is an ideal addition to Windows 10. It gives you a better gaming experience on Windows 10 as the games can play in 4K, direct X12, and you can also stream your gameplay. Everything is under control and gives you high-quality video and audio services.

Ultimate Powerhouse Performance

Alienware area 51 delivers an unbeatable performance to gamers and content creators. In addition, the game streamers can also use this powerhouse because of its ultimate power. Alienware performs this unbeatable performance with the help of AMD second-generation Ryzen threadripper processors.

Everything you do on such processors is simultaneously in the highest resolutions with the perfect audio and video output. Nevertheless, you will get the graphics in 4K because of the 12 and 16-core CPUs options. These CPUs give you a high resolution and work compared to the standard CPU.

Best Memory Setup

We should never forget that this is one of the best processors in the world. Alienware has the optional 64GB of quad-channel DDR4 memory. You can create the games with the highest resolutions and with no limitations. Therefore, there is no stop to your game creation’s destiny. You can go beyond what you thought was impossible.

Hence, if you are rendering a 3D model, playing a video, live streaming, editing a photograph, or creating different sounds or videos, you can always go beyond your limits as there is no limit with Alienware Area 51 Thread ripper.

Brilliant and Off-Limits Graphics

You can enjoy the best, brilliant, off-limit graphics with Alienware because Alienware breaks all the mold by bending the graphics options around it. All the graphic options in Alienware include all new Radeon VII graphics. Therefore, you get the highest performance with AMD crossfire and SLI technologies.

These different processors and technologies give you increased performance with less noise operation. Furthermore, you get an incredible 16K high-fidelity gaming. There is no compromise on the highest-grade professional graphics with Alienware. Hence, this machine is ideal for users intending to use the most significant graphical powers. You can go beyond gaming like cryptocurrency mining or use heavy simulations using GPUs.

Cold Copper Plates for Better Performance

 Most of the time, when you play games, your computer, and the CPU heat up. This leads to many overheating problems. Above all, with Alienware, your computer is not heating up. You can enjoy your game in the most relaxed manner.

Alienware uses high-quality cold copper plates and a radiator. This will guarantee that your system stays cool even under pressure. At the same time, different vents and active fans are also available in the processor, which gives the processor an increased functional blower and cooling activity. Therefore, you can keep enjoying your powered-up performance as your processor will never heat up.

Amazing Ports and Slots

All the ports and the slots on Alienware area 51 are managed flawlessly. These ports and slots are divided into two main parts. All these ports are located in the panels’ back and front.

  • Rare Ports

Rare ports include all those which are essential for the working of the Alienware area 51. For instance, it consists of an accessibility lighting button and super speed first, second, and third generation USB ports. Other than that, you will also find L&R side surround ports. The headphone and Internet and network ports are also located in the rear.

  • Front Ports

The front ports include a headphone port. Furthermore, you will also find a microphone port with a headphone port. You will also find 2 USB ports with a type A power share in the front.

Command Center to Manage Gaming Experience

The command center is the most critical and crucial factor in making Alienware Area 51 Threadripper. This innovative software helps to improve the gaming experience. Likewise, it enhances all the systems regarding your game and the system settings. Furthermore, it solves all the problems and manages time.

Regardless of the command center, Alienware may not be able to command things as it does. This software helps to give you the most enhancing graphics experience with the best audio output.


In the final verdict, we can say that Alienware area 51 gives the most robust performance compared to standard CPUs. You can enhance the gaming experience. Likewise, there are colossal options, such as live-streaming and content creation. Nevertheless, this processor never heats up and gives you the most significant performance.

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