Are You The Father? Paternity Matters

There are many situations in life that we can prepare for, moving out of home, a new career, navigating relationships, and finding someone to share your life with. With each new milestone we encounter, we have often have the luxury of enough time to make sensible decisions and choices that will result in an outcome that benefits all involved. However, sometimes in life, we face situations that are out of our control, or are put upon us without warning.

One such situation that can result in confusion and unknowns is that of paternity. Put simply, paternity is the state of being a father, either biologically or emotionally. Imagine you are in a relationship, with a child, but you have doubts about whether the child is biologically yours. Something doesn’t feel right, and you ask yourself “Is this child mine?” Or, you’re needing to prove the paternity of your children for immigration purposes. There are many reasons for confirming the paternity of a child, and it is a more common practice than you might think. First developed in 1925, paternity testing was initially conducted through blood analysis, but it wasn’t until around 1988 that DNA analysis became a more accurate measure of paternity, providing peace of mind of men and women around the world. DNA paternity testing is the analysis of DNA profiles to determine whether one individual is the biological parent of another.

So, how can I access the paternity test that suits my situation? Remarkably, it’s an easier process than you may think, thanks to a comprehensive suite of paternity tests available from EasyDNA Australia. The tests offered include:

  • Home Paternity Test: An informative test used to provide peace of mind to potential fathers. This test has no legal validity. A legal option is available, and provides the same accurate result, but requires a different method of sample collection, which ensures that the sample can be used during legal proceedings.
  • NATA Accredited DNA Paternity Test: This test can be used to settle a range of family related legal matters, including child custody, birth certificates adjustments, and immigration applications.
  • Prenatal Paternity Test: Find out the paternity of your baby even before they arrive! This test is available from just 8 weeks gestation, and presents no risk to the unborn baby. It requires a blood sample from the mother and potential father.
  • Immigration DNA Test: This accredited test can be presented alongside immigration documents as a proof of relationship.
  • Discreet Test: Discreet tests are those that analyse samples that are considered a little less common than the usual DNA sample. Samples that can be analysed include hair with roots, semen, blood stains, fingernail clippings, mucus, drinking straws, and even envelopes!

All EasyDNA samples are analysed with state-of-the-art genetic identification systems that use 16 different genetic markers. Results are delivered in a timely manner, and will be clearly self-explanatory, either confirming with 99.9% accuracy, or excluding paternity 100%. There is no shame in wanting to find out the paternity of a child, and the peace of mind that results from knowing for sure that a child is biologically yours is irreplaceable. For both men and women, these tests can be the initiator to a child having a relationship with their biological father, or to a child receiving the financial support required to lead a secure life. So, find out ‘who’s the daddy’ and answer the questions you have about paternity, in an accurate, safe and discreet way.  

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