Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: A Programmed Machine to Act like Humans

Different technologies work together to make a machine sensible in terms of reacting, learning, and acting like a human-like level of intelligence, known as Artificial Intelligence or “AI.” Initially, computers were made to execute the command but not to remember them. There was no storage for commands. “Computing machinery and Intelligence” was the first paper written in 1955 by Alan Turing, where he discussed intelligent machines. Five years later, DSPRAI event launched the first AI program. In 1969, the first robot was set to move; Supercomputers were invented in 1997 to perform complex computations; the vacuum cleaner 2002 was the first commercial product based on AI. 

Dancing robots, mimicking toys that imitate what you say, smart homes, etc., are some examples from daily life. So, from 1955 to now, Machines have walked a long journey to become intelligent. A brilliant autonomous car developed by Tesla is the latest example of AI that needs no guidance and can even sense the route and dangers. Machine learning is where computers automatically adapt and learn new data, and deep learning is learning through unstructured data; these are two main pillars of AI. If you are studying AI and encounter problems, intelligent people will solve them for you with Cheap Assignment Help so that you can keep your focus on learning.

Kinds of Artificial Intelligence

Weak or Narrow AI has limited or no memory, meaning they don’t learn from the past and are designed for a particular work. Weather apps and digital assistances are examples of it.

Strong or General AI primarily focuses on what we see in SCI-FI films. They have a memory to learn, adapt, understand and perform tasks like humans. 

Super AI performs complex computations, data, and image processing better than humans.

Disciplines Linked with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a single subject. It’s a collection of several fields. Some of them are the following:

  • Math
  • Python or R code
  • Computer Science 
  • 2D-3D Spatial Relationships
  • Data Science 
  • Data Image Processing, etc.
  • Neuroscience
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics
  • Psychology

Instances of Artificial Intelligence

Usage of AI is spread all over, and You can easily find its example around you. Some of them are listed here so that next time, you can easily recognize AI things:

Speech Recognition: speech-to-text and SIRI are the best examples of AI speech recognition systems. In speech-to-text, what you say is understood by the computer and then written into text format. All android mobile phones incorporate speech recognition. You can easily find its example during a search on google, youtube, map, etc. Siri is the example of controlling home appliances or searching, playing music, etc., by recognizing your speech.

Customer Services: nowadays, online chatbots are generally used for initial customer services. They are replacing human agents.

Computer vision: AI enables computers or systems to be intelligent enough to recognize and distinguish visual inputs, different images, and videos to take action. Radiology in healthcare, autonomous car, and photo tag in social media are examples of it.

Stock Trading: AI also helps to optimize stock profiles.

Banking fraud detection: AI learned to distinguish a fraud transaction from extensive data.

Cyber security: AI is unbeatable in finding loopholes in computer network defenses. It can easily recognize cyber attacks and cyber threats. After seeing the threat, it traces back to get the source.

Walk of Life in Artificial Intelligence

AI not only requires new skill sets but also leads to new job opportunities.

  • AI researcher
  • AI software engineers for development, management, and testing
  • Data mining and analysis
  • To work in domains like Gesture recognition and fraud recognition.
  • Big-data engineer/architect
  • Data scientist
  • Robotics scientists, etc.

The outlook for a career in AI is extremely promising. The line “demand is more and supply is less” is well suited to AI. It is expanding across different industries and will not slow down in the upcoming time. High paying opportunity is waiting for you. Learn AI, and if you face difficulty, you will find Assignment Writing Service from highly educated people who will guide you step-by-step to make it easy.

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