BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer science – which course is better to make a successful career!

We are living in a digitized world where everything from work to everyday life surrounds around computer. There is no area of work where computers are not being used and with growing relevance of technology, this sector will only grow to be more relevant in the future.

Knowledge of computer in the current era is essential and a career in this field can take you to great heights of success. Students understand the growing relevance of this field and opt for courses related to it such as the Bachelor of computer application.

While significance of computer science has grown tremendously in the past few years, it is necessary to pick the right course to give correct direction to your career. So, if you are confused whether BCA is the right choice for you or you should pick B.Sc., then here are some important facts that can help you make the right decision.

What is BCA?

BCA also known as the Bachelor of Computer Application is a popular undergraduate course. This 3-year course focuses on integral knowledge of software development and the basics of computer application. It includes several key subjects that are essential to computer science and the current work sector such as database management systems, web technology, software engineering, and computer languages such as C++, Java and more.

Students who are interested to pursue this course have to fulfil certain admission requirements that include academic merit which is 50% marks in 10+2 along with clearing an entrance exam.

With a BCA degree, you become eligible to pursue various job roles such as software developer, programmer, web designer, technical support, system maintenance, and more.

Why study BCA?

BCA is a popular course in current times as there is a huge demand for professionals who are skilled and can take up job roles in the technology and IT sector. Largely, there is a huge requirement for BCA professionals in the IT sector and those with BCA specialisation will find ample opportunities in this field.

What is B.Sc.?

Another valuable and equally popular course is B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science which is an undergraduate degree completed over the period of three years. This course is hugely preferred by students, especially those who have the necessary scientific aptitude Given that science is focused on research, discovery and experimentation, this degree combines theory with practical application.  . 

Interested students who have taken up Bachelor of Science can progress towards Master of Science (MSc) as well. There are several job opportunities that are available with this course that includes research scientist, information security analyst, network architect, database administrator and many more.

Choosing between B.Sc. and BCA

Both B.Sc. and BCA are highly valuable degrees that offer valuable knowledge and skill set that is needed to grow in the field of computers. You can become competent for a range of job roles with each of the degrees.

Students must keep in mind their objective before applying for any of the degrees as it will help them achieve their goals better and make them qualified for suitable professional roles.

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