Beautiful mid-range jewelry brands that you can give as gifts

For those who love beauty, jewelry is an indispensable accessory in their collection. Not simply a fashion item, jewelry also brings people the highest hidden values ​​and it is also an ideal gift for their loved ones. Let’s find together the famous jewelry brands with the most affordable prices today to give to your significant other!


Established in the 1950s in the US – where is known as one of the world’s leading fashion powerhouses, Saga is a jewelry and watch brand that always brings customers high-class and valuable product lines.

The products that make up the name of this brand are watches and jewelry set with Swarovski crystals (For those who do not know, Swarovski is the most prestigious crystal brand in Austria).

Saga’s jewelry lines always attract customers by their extremely luxurious and trendy appearance. Besides, modern processing techniques, and top-class materials, bring customers perfect product lines inside and out.

In particular, in particular about Saga watches, which is an American brand, but the built-in movement comes from Switzerland, so customers can be absolutely satisfied with the stability and durability over the years.


Rolex, or Rolex SA as it is commonly known, is a Swiss watch designer and manufacturer. The company was founded in 1892 by three friends who pooled their money to purchase a watchmaker’s tool and resources. Today, Rolex SA produces timepieces for a wide variety of customers, including celebrities and business people.

Rolex watches are known for their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The watches are assembled with scrupulous attention to detail, and each one is made from the finest raw materials. Because of this, Rolex watches are some of the most complex and expensive pieces of jewelry around.


As mentioned above, Swarovski is Austria’s leading crystal stone brand founded in 1895. With more than 120 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Swarovski’s products are now recognized by customers all over the world. love and desire to own.

The most outstanding feature of this world-famous jewelry brand is that their crystal stones are extremely delicately crafted, possessing an extremely delicate and trendy sparkling cut, giving women a sparkling, sharp appearance.

The materials that make up the products of the famous jewelry brand Swarovski are alloy coated with 14K gold, silver, high-grade alloy covered with rhodium layer – this is a precious metal that does not cause allergies to users when worn, …  Use Swarovski 10% OFF coupon on to save money in the best way.

Not only favored for its sparkling beauty but Swarovski jewelry is also known as one of the world’s leading popular jewelry brands, bringing class and luxury value to users.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington (DW) is a famous Swedish watch and jewelry brand, established in 2011. Although not as experienced as its predecessors, with only 10 years, DW is already one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world.

Referring to Swedish jewelry brands with mid-range prices, combined with many promotional programs, discount codes, coupons that are extremely suitable for all budgets and of absolute standard quality, then the jewelry believers all call Daniel Wellington’s name.

From watch accessories to jewelry such as bracelets, rings, etc., all of DW’s products always follow the direction of minimalism, elegance, and sophistication, giving customers a full look. elegant and equally elegant.


Originating from Russia, Sokolov is one of the world-famous jewelry brands established in 1993. This is a jewelry brand that is favored by a large number of customers because of its extremely sophisticated quality and affordable price. become affordable.

The production process of Sokolov jewelry is extremely strict, each stage is meticulously checked, ensuring that the products delivered to customers are of the highest quality. Moreover, Sokolov’s production system has been a major manufacturing base in Russia for many years.

Sokolov jewelry is always made from top-class materials such as solid gold, diamonds, precious stones, etc., easily raising the value for women, bringing a luxurious and trendy look.

Besides, the design feature of the famous jewelry brand Sokolov is the novelty, uniqueness, harmonious combination between modern and classic, creating an attractive product line for users. Perhaps that’s why Sokolov has its highlight and is globally popular.


The famous jewelry brand Pandora was founded in 1982 in Denmark by a knowledgeable and passionate jeweler named Per Enevoldsen. Pandora jewelry is considered suitable for many different objects from old, young, big, baby… 

The distinctive and impressive feature of Pandora jewelry is the bracelets combined with sophisticated Charm beads, crafted based on customer requirements. This gives a unique piece of jewelry that is extremely sparkling, attractive, and still retains its elegance and sophistication.

Pandora bracelets are made from many different materials such as 14K – 18K gold, precious stones, diamonds, artificial pearls, natural pearls, wood, glass,… in style, preferences. 

It is because of this “welcome” that Pandora can reach many stylish ladies who come to own their own personalized and unique jewelry accessories. Creating conditions for this famous fashion brand to flourish in countries around the world.

Chrome Hearts

The father of Chrome Hearts is Richard Stark, he founded this famous jewelry brand in 1988 in Los Angeles, USA. Inheriting the unique fashion from the US, Chrome Hearts jewelry is always attractive and attracts customers right from the first eye contact.

Not following the usual design of other jewelry brands, Chrome Hearts impresses customers with product lines possessing strong, thorny, and a bit “extravagant” designs.

Chrome Hearts launches a wide range of jewelry from rings, bracelets to necklaces, earrings, etc., all crafted from top quality materials such as stainless steel, mother-of-pearl, 925 silver, Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones… 

In addition, a special feature that reminds customers of Chrome Hearts is the extremely separate stylized motifs such as Iris flowers, daggers, and crosses. Just looking at the item with these motifs will tell that this is the famous jewelry brand Chrome Hearts.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein (CK) is a world-famous jewelry brand established in 1968 in New York – USA. Not only in the field of jewelry but CK is also favored by many customers because of its different product lines such as fashion, watches, perfumes, etc.

As a leading fashion brand, and also influenced by the “heavy” influence of the American fashion power, Calvin Klein’s products launched to customers are extremely trendy and trendy, easily becoming icons. loved all over the world.

The outstanding Calvin Klein jewelry collections include necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, etc., all of which have simple, modern, luxurious, and sophisticated designs. Don’t forget to use Calvin Klein first responder discount when shopping to optimize costs

Although the quality and design are extremely sophisticated, the price of Calvin Klein jewelry is extremely affordable, suitable for many different customers. This creates maximum conditions for believers to own their favorite accessories.


Indeed, jewelry is an extremely necessary accessory that helps people become luxurious and valuable. Each of the famous jewelry brands mentioned above has its own unique and impressive features to attract customers. If you have chosen jewelry to give to your loved one, find genuine distributors to get the most prestigious and quality products.

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