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Best Ways to Check EPF Balance on EPFO 2022

If you are a member of the Employees provident fund organisation (EPFO), you must have an EPF member passbook. The employee contribution, employer contribution, and pension contribution are all listed in this passbook.

Employees prefer to use the EPF passbook for an EPF balance check easily. Did the desire to check your PF balance prompt you to come here? Excellent, as this post explains how to check your PF balance. 

How To Check PF Balance 

EPFO has made numerous improvements recently to make it simpler for EPFO members to acquire information about their provident fund (PF). EPFO subscribers do not have to wait until the end of the fiscal year when their employers will release their EPF statement. 

EPF member passbook accounts have brought the facility to access their PF balance digitally whenever they want. Now that EPF interest has been distributed into subscribers’ accounts at the end of each quarter, they can verify their EPF balance.

PF balance checks can be done offline or online by employees. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) members can easily select from various options to perform an EPF balance check. Here are the four methods for making an EPFO balance inquiry:

  • UMANG App
  •  SMS
  •  Missed Call
  •  EPFO Portal

Well, you might find it challenging to understand the process with this much information, so let us give you a clear idea of how to do an EPF balance check.

Balance Check Through UMANG App

With the help of the UMANG App, EPFO customers may now verify their PF account on their smartphones. The Indian government (GoI) launched this app to allow EPFO members access to numerous government programs and services on a single platform. A user can raise and monitor EPF claims and access their EPF Passbook here. An EPFO member must complete a one-time registration after installing the Umang App to their smartphone to take advantage of this offer.

Some steps to use the app are provided for your better understanding.

  • Download the UMANG app on your device and install it.
  • Click on the EPFO option after navigating to it.
  • Choose “Employee Centric Services” from the menu now.
  • You must select “View Passbook” to move to the following screen.
  • You may now see the EPF transactions on your screen, including the deposits and withdrawals from your prior and current employment.

Check Via Sms

By sending an SMS to the number 7738299899, an EPF member passbook check can be done. The text for the SMS would be EPFOHO UAN ENG. The desired language’s first three numbers are the SMS’s last three numerals. In addition to English, this SMS service is also accessible in Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, and Telegu. But the Text must be delivered from the mobile device linked to the UAN.

Check Via Missed Call

In case you are willing for an EPF balance check, you can call the EPF missed call number in addition to the EPFO online, UMANG, and SMS services. For example, to find out their PF balance amount, EPF members can miss a call from 011-22901406. To obtain the required information, use this facility with your registered cellphone number connected to your Aadhaar, PAN, and bank information.

Check Through EPFO Portal

Go to the EPFO portal and check your EPF member passbook there. You must remember that you must have an activated UAN to log into the port. Here’s how to check your PF balance on the EPFO website:

  • You need to get over to the EPFO portal first.
  • You must now press and open the “Our Services” tab on the page that loads in your browser window before selecting the For Employees option that appears beneath it.
  • The next step is selecting the “Member Passbook” option, located in the “Services” section.
  • You must enter your UAN, password, and captcha in the following step.
  • Login by pressing the button.

With the information provided, we have reached the end of this article, and we are sure that you can avail the best possible benefits of your EPF passbook.

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