How to Design Branded E-commerce Packaging Boxes

How to Design Branded E-commerce Packaging Boxes

E-commerce is one of the most rapidly emerging fields in the world. It has become important for every business to deal with E-commerce. A wide segment of the audience prefers to shop from home. Therefore, catering to that segment can quadruple your sales. Additionally, this field is becoming highly competitive because not only the existing businesses are successfully trading only, but also new players are entering the market quickly.

E-Commerce Packaging

Among many other factors of success, E-commerce packaging is the most prominent. How well the brand communicates its message through packaging can set the business on the epitome of success.

With time, the packaging industry is launching unmatchable designs for E-commerce packaging and aiming to deal with all possible products.

The main aim of E-commerce packaging is to make use of materials that protect the items during delivery. It also conveys the brand image at the customer’s doorstep. During the whole process of E-commerce packaging, design tops the list. What materials should be used? What sizes and colours should the brand go for? Or what printing option should be incorporated? These are all secondary things. The primary objective is to decide the design of packaging that complements both the brand image and product type.

Why is Branded E-commerce Packaging Advantageous?

There are many reasons for which E-commerce brand packaging is immensely beneficial.

·         It is a key to standing your brand among others. Companies can easily print logos, brand names, brand promises, etc., on the packaging that conveys the message completely and grab the audience’s attention.

·         The primary benefit is the safety of products. E-commerce packaging provides complete protection to the products during the whole delivery.

·         E-commerce packaging also helps increase the pool of loyal customers.

·         Receiving your order that is remarkably packed is a complete experience. E-commerce packaging provides this experience to the customers, satisfies their needs, and emotionally connects the customers with the brand.

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Designs of Branded E-Commerce Packaging Boxes

There are hundreds of different designs of branded E-commerce Packaging. Some of them are discussed below;

Mailer Boxes

Some products need to stay inside the boxes even after use. Such as luxury items, food items, delicate stuff, electronics, etc. Mailer boxes come to your saviour in this scenario. These boxes are different from traditional E-commerce packaging boxes. Mailer boxes come with a lock and a lid that make them reusable. Users can take out the items from the packaging boxes, use them and put them back for safety. Their quality keeps the packaging intact, which is why there is no need to throw them away.

Mailer boxes can perfectly present your brand to the customers as anything can be printed on their surfaces. They offer wide space on all sides that can accommodate much information. Furthermore, kraft mailer boxes are environmentally friendly. They are made up of biodegradable material, hence catering to the eco-conscious needs of the customers.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are manufactured with the sole purpose of safe delivery of products. These boxes are highly intact and are mostly one-time user-friendly. This type of packaging is like typical E-commerce packaging that transfers items from one place to another. This is the outermost of all the E-commerce orders.

Shipping boxes are gigantic boxes made up of solid material to prevent wear and tear of packaging. Due to lower reusability, these boxes come at a lower price. This characteristic makes them a useful choice for companies. Moreover, due to spacious sides, companies are comfortable printing the required information that communicates the brand image to the fullest.

Padded Boxes or Padded Mailers

In some instances, companies have to deliver delicate, tender and fragile items to greatly far-off locations. For instance, some companies are involved in overseas deliveries. Do they need to worry about the safety of items in this case? The answer is “No”. Padded boxes are the noble solution to such problems. They look like ordinary shipping boxes with the additional feature of thick walls. They contain bubble wraps in between the walls that act as friction absorbers.

A padded mailer is another sort that looks like a typical mailer box. But it also contains bubble wraps inside the walls of the box. Padded boxes are manufactured to guarantee enhanced security.

Pillow Boxes

Some luxury items require elegance along with security. They need such E-commerce packaging boxes that can serve the purpose of the gift box in addition to the normal packaging box. For example, jewellery items, luxury decoration pieces, etc., are wonderful gift choices. In this remote world, people order such things directly from shops to the other person’s house. In this case, they cannot find time and opportunity to wrap the gift properly. Pillow boxes tackle such situations marvelously.

These boxes contain decorative pillows upon which the product is laid. The outer covering is also embellished with beautiful colors and printing styles that superbly add beauty to the brand image.

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