Dental Myths and Facts

10 Common Dental Myths and Facts you should know

The generation has passed, and dental technology has evolved, but several people’s myths and beliefs regarding dentistry are still the same. Still, some myths are followed by people.

Until and unless we prove them wrong to the people, there will be no improvement in their oral practices.

Hence to make you aware of those myths, I have come up here with this article, where I have discussed some dental myths over the facts.

Read till the end to know more.

List out 13 myths and facts that you should know about the people.

More Sugar, More Cavities:

One of the most commonly believed myths by people is that only if we eat more sugar, we’ll be more prone to cavities. But not actually. Cavities are caused due to several reasons, one of which is poor oral hygiene. Improper oral care can lead to dental and gum problems in your mouth. So see to it that you take care of your oral health properly.

White teeth are healthy:

Another strongly believed myth is that only white teeth are healthy, but even teeth with a yellow shade are as healthy as the white ones. A healthy tooth is free from cavities and has a fresh breath, but not by colour. But if you are concerned about white teeth, you can opt for the best and more professionalized teeth whitening treatment in Chennai.

Braces are only for young people:

No, not! Braces don’t apply only to young people and do not even have any specified age. Anyone with a misaligned, crooked gap between teeth can wear braces no matter their age.

Pregnant women should not visit the dentist:

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several changes, one of which is an increase in the hormone levels in the body; this can have several impacts on oral and overall health. It can also lead to swelling and bleeding of the gums if there are no proper dental checkups.

dental myths and facts
dental myths and facts

Oral and Overall are connected to each.

Many people live with the misconception that oral health is only a concern for your mouth but not the other parts of the body. But not; your mouth is the entry point for many good and bad bacteria.

Therefore, avoiding oral health issues prevents your body from other diseases like heart diseases, pneumonia and endocarditis. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai near you for a better dental checkup.

Baby teeth do not matter:

This is the area where many people don’t provide proper attention. As soon as a child’s baby teeth grow, you, as a parent, must be responsible for making your child brush their teeth regularly. Taking care of baby teeth paves the way for healthy teeth in adults, as the fallen teeth will leave gaps and can make your adult teeth crooked and difficult to manage.

Bleaching is terrible for your teeth:

In the early days of teeth whitening, many patients considered teeth whitening a harmful procedure, as the dentists used bleaching, which was acidic and eroded the protective layer of the enamel. But as of now, dentists are using safe bleaching to make your teeth white safely and effectively.

Bleeding gums are normal:

Many of us neglect bleeding gums, which we notice during brushing or flossing our teeth. But, it might be harmful to your oral health as the bleeding gums are caused due to inflammation in the gums, which is the onset of gingivitis and other gum issues. Therefore the bleeding gums must not be neglected and should be taken care of.

Brushing more cleans better:

Many assume that brushing roughly for a long time will help clean your teeth better. But not actually; brushing your teeth rigidly for a long time can cause your enamel to wear off and make your teeth more prone to cavities and other tooth problems.

Flossing is not necessary:

Flossing is as necessary as brushing; many think brushing your teeth alone can make your teeth healthy. But not actually. To keep your teeth safe from germs and bacteria, you must also floss your teeth to keep teeth safe even in between the germs.

Enamel loss can cause sensitivity:

Yes, it is a fact that enamel loss can cause teeth sensitivity, but many of us believe that enamel loss alone causes teeth sensitivity, but it is not a fact. Tooth sensitivity is caused also caused due to several other reasons.

No oral health problems, not oral exams:

I suppose you might be wrong if you are living in the misconception that you should only visit the dentist if you have any oral problems. A dental checkup is carried on to prevent further problems, not only during oral health issues. On average, try to visit your dentist at least two times a year.

Teeth become unhealthy with age:

Many assume that teeth become unhealthy with age, but it is not. Teeth become unhealthy with poor oral hygiene and care and not with age.

So these are some myths that you must know regarding dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What questions can I ask my dentists at the dental clinic?

Some common questions to ask my dentists at the dental clinic are;

  • How is my overall dental oral/dental health?
  • Should I use a mouthwash/mouth rinse daily?
  • Which is the best type of toothpaste for me?
  • How can I prevent gum diseases from my mouth

What are the two most common dental diseases?

Some of the most common diseases that impact our dental health are;

  • Tooth Decay
  • Periodontal diseases.

So you find the article helpful. See you soon. Thank you!

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