Do you have your showering right?

Showering is a verb that has many emotional connotations. For some, it is a leisure time. For others, it is a necessity. And there is a small subset of people, known as new parents, for whom showering is luxury that they cannot afford.

But regardless of how you view showering, if you are not doing it in the right way, you might be depriving yourself of the benefits of the entire exercise.

It may also lead to skin problem that might then require the help of Best Skin Specialist in Karachi. So, knowing if you are showering right is then an important inquiry.

Things to consider when showering

Setting the temperature right

The temperature of the water matters. Even though the hot water feels soothing, especially during winters. However, hot water causes the loss of moisture from the skin.

Dry and dehydrated skin does not only look the part, but it also itches. It also is more prone to breaking, which can cause issues with the skin then.

So, try to set the temperature right; it should neither be too cold or too hot. Aim for lukewarm water.

Showering at night is fine

Some people don’t consider showering at night, because they don’t want to go to bed with wet hair. Or, they think they might catch cold. But showering at night is something you should consider.

Not only do you get to wipe off the gunk gathered throughout the day but showering at night is also very relaxing. It then helps you sleep better as well.

There is such a thing as over-showering

The purpose of a shower is to clean yourself, however, you often don’t need to always one. A quick rinse and shower are a different concept; the former is precise and quick. The latter is more detailed.

So differentiate between the two, especially since shower can lead to skin dryness, which is not an option in already dry winters.

Order of the cleansers

The order of the products that you use in the shower matter. If that’s not the case, it could be bad for your skin. A general pattern that is suggested is that you first shampoo your scalp, and then put on a conditioner. While it is allowed to do its job, you can soap your body, and then wash off the soap and the conditioner together.

Some people are also into reverse washing your hair, which can also be practiced. First, you wash your hair with conditioner. It allows a protective layer to be formed on your strand, so harsh shampoo does not strip off the moisture of your skin.

Moreover, using the conditioners after the shampoo and soap can cause the leftover product to cling to your skin, causing problems like breakouts then. On the contrary, using shampoo afterwards and wash off this residue, keeping the skin healthier. You can also then try the method of reverse wash as well, but alternate it with the regular technique to properly, deep cleanse your scalp.

Watch your cleanser

If you use a cleanser that is too harsh, or one that is scented, it might then cause irritation to your skin. So, use a mild, unscented body wash.

Time matters

Shower is akin to a mini-therapy session for many people. It soothes muscles, can feel luxurious, makes you feel clean and can be cathartic at times as well.

So, when shower symbolizes so much, it is only natural that you lose track of time when in the shower. However, too much shower time is not only bad for the planet, but it also is not all that great for your skin either. Too much shower time can lead to dehydrated skin. It is much worse for people who have skin problems like eczema that then require help from the Best Dermatologist in Lahore. Therefore, make sure that you cap your shower time to around ten minutes or so.

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