Double Bed Designs That Are a Perfect Mix of Innovation and Comfort

Double Bed Designs Perfect Mix of Innovation and Comfort

When it comes to restful sleep, double beds are considered the best. It gives you enough space to stretch and relax. When it comes to innovation and comfort, the wooden street has the most exclusive collection of double beds.

There are hundreds of styles when it comes to double bed designs and not only that you also have an option to customize the bed as you want.

Any bedroom is incomplete without a nice and comfortable double bed. So if you haven’t got one, it’s always a good time to buy a decent double bed or a Palang for your bedroom.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Double Bed

A double bed is something that is going to stay in your bedroom for a longer period. So, there are some crucial factors you need to consider while buying a double bed or deciding upon the palang design for your bedroom.

Material Used

There are many beds available out there but a double bed made with the most durable and strong material is what you should consider and give preference to.

Normally, a double bed made from Sheesham wood is considered best and we at wooden street consider Sheesham as the most preferred type of wood.

Also, the texture of the wood matters so you need to consider this factor too while choosing your kind of bed.


It’s always good if your  bed provides additional functionality. Like a double bed that has a storage facility. Many double beds are crafted such that they resemble a box and have enough storage facilities to store your stuff.

These kinds of double beds may also have compartments and you can easily open and close them.

Storage is one of the most crucial factors when deciding your kind of beds and we at wooden street are aware of that and have a decent collection of the latest double bed designs with box.

Size Matters

Double beds, by default, come in a considerable size but still if you want it to be bigger or somewhat smaller, you have ample options to choose from.

There are double beds that are categorised as king size, queen size etc. These are the beds that offer sufficient space and are more comfortable. You can also customize the beds as per your requirement and get the size that you want.

Area of Bedroom

One of the crucial deciding factors while choosing a double bed is the area of your bedroom. If your bedroom is small, you need to consider a double bed that will give space for movement.

Also, to keep your small bedroom clutter free and keep your stuff organised, you can consider a  bed with storage. This will save the space that is required for a cupboard.

Types of Double Beds

Double beds have some peculiar designs and based on their peculiarity they are distinguished into different types Let’s see what are those.

Modular Double Beds

Modular beds have ease of assembly, are visually appealing and offer great personalisation. These  bed designs are crafted to perfection and reflect innovation.

These beds mostly have storage systems built-in and offer a great deal of comfort. Not to mention the durability factor. These are undoubtedly the best when it comes to looks and sustainability.

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Upholstered Double Beds

Woven with a comfy fabric these beds are meant for additional comfort. The fabric is visually appealing and is an example of expert craftsmanship.

You can choose from a range of fabric designs from a huge collection at the wooden street.

A Simple Frame Wooden Double Bed

This section has some of the most decent  bed designs. Available in various sizes these beds are made from high-quality wooden material that is durable and long-lasting.

The structure is quite simple and is also available as a storage wooden double bed.

If you like simplicity and traditional design for your bed then you should opt for these wooden beds.


A bed is something that is an integral part of any bedroom. To make your bedroom interior complete a nice and decent bed is quintessential. There is ample scope for innovation and trendiness when it comes to  bed designs.

The wooden street has some of the most innovative and trendy bed designs that can add attractiveness as well as provide the required comfort. Available in various sizes like a king-size bed, queen size, upholstered and more, you have many choices.

The factors mentioned above will help you in choosing the bed of your choice.

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