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Expert vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

When you thinking of carpet cleaning the common question that may strike you- should you do it yourself or hire a pro? After thinking for long, they often switch to DIY cleaning. Here in this blog, we will compare these two so that you can choose the right one for your carpet. Click to learn more here

Take the right decision for your carpet cleaning

Every homeowner wants to take the best choice for their home to keep their private space cosy, clean and spotless. So, keeping the carpet free from stains and odours is a prime task to take care off.

Expensive equipment vs. home-use carpet cleaning tools

The fact is by using DIY cleaning technique you can clean it at affordable costs. But your budget can cross because of hiring a carpet cleaning machine and getting a solution to wash your masterpiece. Also, DIY cleaning will compromise with the quality of cleanliness in contrast to professional cleaning.

But you can try your hands at DIY cleaning only for shallow rugs to remove the surface dirt. For deep cleaning of your carpet it is better to go with professional method of carpet cleaning to get the job done perfectly.

DIY carpet cleaning is not up to the mark

DIY cleaning involves the use of ineffective vacuums and low water pressure. In fact they cannot rinse out all the grime and dirt from the piles. Also low pressure of water will not soak the carpet properly and evenly.

In the end you will receive a moist and musty smelling carpet behind.  But professional comprises of high-powered equipment that can ensure you a soft, clean, fresh-smelling and spotless carpet in the end.

Benefits of hiring expert carpet cleaning services

Getting a carpet cleaned by a professional is better if you want a high quality care and treatment. On arranging expert carpet cleaning services, you will find clean padding underneath along with the surface. Talk to the cleaner about the dirt and stains you have on the carpet to know how they will clean it. 

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DIY carpet cleaning for pet urine disposal

Stains from pet urine on carpets are really tough to get rid of. Pee odour of the pets will persist despite the treatments you carried out on the carpets. You mustn’t know that pee will penetrate deep in the surface of the carpet and saturates in fillings.

Hence, when you face similar issue on your carpet don’t hesitate to call a professional to take care of your carpet. They have the special treatments and equipment to tackle pet urine and mess.

Drying your carpet post washing

When washing the carpet you are familiar with dirty water coming out of it. Although some carpet cleaners have the experience to wash away the grime and dirt from the carpet but they cannot help you with drying. Only a few professional and experienced carpet cleaners can extract more water making it as drier as possible.

To fasten up the drying, they also make use of carpet raking and high-speed fans. Those who have furry friends, you must ensure that they don’t linger on the wet rugs and carpets as they can leave a strange odour on it which is impossible to handle. Call out such a carpet cleaner who can make it almost dry before leaving at the end of the carpet cleaning.

Enhance carpet cleaning using hot water

Most of the machines don’t have water heater. As a result, there is the constraint of temperature which you use from faucet. On another flip, expert carpet cleaning services can heat up the water in an exact temperature which will help in efficient cleaning of the carpet.

In certain cases, detectors or robotic carpet cleaners lack from the heaters which make a huge impact on stubborn stains and foul smells.

Considering that aspect, hot water extraction is unique as it comes with a wide range of temperature setting facility. Once the piles soak up the hot water it completely activates cleaning agents for eliminating the accumulated filth from deep.   

Self-hire carpet cleaning machine damages the carpet

There is a high chance of damage if you attempt to clean it all by yourself. Although you can find a number of carpet cleaners on rent yet most of them highly aggressive. So, they can cause easy damage to your carpet quickly. Only an expert cleaner has knowledge and skill to deal with the carpet individually on the basis of its type.

Hope, you have come to know on which situations you should call the professional carpet cleaners and why they are the best! Remember, DIY carpet cleaning without proper skill and knowledge is equivalent to damage of the carpet on your own. 

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