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Five best PC games of 2022?

Through 2022, PC game sales have been healthy despite several significant delays. The release schedule for high-profile titles like Starfield has suffered. Still, since the year’s beginning, we’ve added a few deserving titles to our list of the best PC games, including a polished version of Monster Hunter Rise, the joyous destruction engine Teardown, the foxy adventure Tunic, the adorable cat platformer Stray, and, of course, Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is the game we’ll likely be returning to throughout the year. However, we have some suggestions if you’re searching for additional tips for things to play right now, particularly this summer when there aren’t many new releases. Xbox one and Xbox one S are the two gaming consoles Xbox. These Xbox gaming consoles can play Elden Ring and Game of Thrones.

This list, which includes selections from the Top PC games of the year, familiar classics we think are an excellent time to revisit, and some 2022 hidden treasures, is our response to the question, “What new PC games should I play right now?” It reflects the games that the PC Gamer staff is currently playing.

If you want to start playing immediately, you may follow our advice to build a pre-built gaming PC for roughly $750. However, making your PC is also an option to save time. Additionally, we have some suggestions for pre-built PCs.

1. MultiVersus

This new combat game is currently in open beta and has also proved its appeal in the genre. It features a surprising assortment of heroes, including several characters from Game of Thrones and even the Scooby-Doo ensemble. Multiverse tier list to help you unlock characters. Multiverse users may save money by viewing free rotating characters and new additions.

2. Norco

You play as a lost brother searching for him in the titular town of this point-and-click adventure game. Norco, New Orleans itself serves as the film’s primary location. There’s a far bigger story between the blue hills and the grey cloud than the one you’re in right now. Hence, this book is wonderfully created and offers a tranquil and thrilling voyage, like Kentucky Route Zero and Beneath a Steel Sky.

3. The Quarry

In the upcoming Dark Pictures Anthology game, adolescent camp counselors are thrust into an 80s nightmare on their last night. It’s reminiscent of Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Jason Voorhees emerge from the shadows.

Our youth face a greater danger than petty fights between themselves as murderous locals descend and animals lurk in the nearby forests. There are nine different personas to choose from, and you have a chance of surviving each one. Because of this, the choices you make and the speed with which you hit the keys become increasingly important.

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4. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Skywalker Saga continues George Lucas’ Lego-like, science-fiction fantasy world. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has actual space travel, not The Complete Saga with The Force Awakens.

All the movies we’ve discussed are also available in any sequence. 18 million digital brick Star Destroyers may duel and be explored. Like in Lego Marvel Superheroes, you’re free to roam the streets of Manhattan and the stars.

5. Elden Ring

FromSoft has outdone itself with the successor to the Dark Souls competitions. According to our Elden Ring review, this is their “very greatest work, translated to a whole new domain.” By packing so much content into the Lands Between, Elden Ring is not just a masterpiece by the standards of its creator but also a precursor to open-world games.

This diverse urban fantasy game is full of beautiful surprises and has a bit of Souls magic to boot. Those who seek out games with brutal boss fights and challenging yet rewarding gameplay will appreciate Elden Ring. Spirit summons, including poison-spitting jellyfish and skeleton bandits that may help you in battle, make these encounters satisfying rather than frightening.

The advent of a free-roaming globe has done wonders for Elden Ring, making each area a veritable gold mine of secrets and weapons. In addition to being rewarded for their diligence, players may delight in the fruits of their effort when they uncover hidden side quests or are attacked by ferocious dragons.

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