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The Web3 world is evolving with time, and the growth of the blockchain and metaverse is shaping web3 platforms. This evolution has given birth to play-to-earn dapps, move-to-earn dapps, sleep-to-earn dapps, and more. In a few years, the world will exclusively connect with web3 platforms since the youthful population is interested in futuristic technologies and virtual world notions.

STEPN is one of a kind, classified as a move-to-earn dapp, in which users are rewarded with its coin. These interactive apps are attracting more new visitors to web3. The best web3 development company with certified blockchain professionals aims to deliver new blockchain-based platform breakthroughs and ideas to the virtual world.


A move-to-earn, Web3 fitness lifestyle app with game-fi, social-fi, and fun gaming components is called the STEPN Clone App. Users of the STEPN Clone App may walk, jog, or run outside while wearing NFT sneakers. Users receive gaming coins as a reward, which they may spend to enhance and create new Sneakers.

Suffescom Solution Inc., a forward-thinking Move To Earn Solution Provider, provides any type of company growth solutions associated with the M2E idea. We create Move To Earn platforms and applications using the newest technology, which pays cryptocurrency or NFTs for each movement.

STEPN Clone App’s Distinctive Features

Burn Mechanism – Reduce the circulation of GMT and GST tokens through various in-app actions.

Green Metaverse Token (GMT), Green Satoshi Token (GST), and Decentralized Wallet swap function with liquidity in a dual token model.

Marketplace – A decentralized marketplace is a location where users may rent, lease, and sell/buy badges, gems, and NFT sneakers.

Elements of GameFi include game modes, sneakers, gems and sockets, shoe minting, and badges.

How Can We Make Money With Our STEPN Clone App?

Users can earn money by chatting actively and using STEPN clone app features like Solo, Marathon, and background mode. While you will need footwear to begin earning, new users are given a free trial. If users wear STEPN footwear, the earning meter will begin to fill up as they walk or run. Start your trip…!!!!!

STEPN Clone Platform Essential Components

Let’s briefly look at the STEPN Clone platform’s key components.

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain technology is a system that uses public, private, and hybrid networking to store transactional information in blocks. As a result, it provides organizations with a safe, decentralized, and immutable experience that allows them to create more transparent, efficient and automated business versions.

STEPN app development provides the same features for creating social-fi and game-fi platforms powered by blockchain security. So, you must select the best blockchain technology from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Hyperledger, ASTAR, and others and proceed with your company goals.

The NFT Marketplace

The STEPN clone platform uses virtual shoe purchasing, selling, and rental to track users’ steps. The platform’s ultimate feature cannot be realized without the Whitelabel NFT marketplace. It secures customers’ shoes using blockchain technology token standards.

The Smart Contract

Smart contracts make it easier to conduct commerce and trade between two anonymous or identifiable parties, often without using an intermediary. A smart contract, embedded with predetermined criteria, allows users to complete transactions via virtual contract. Once the user has met the smart contract’s criteria, the asset will be transferred to the buyer on the STEPN platform in return for tokens.

Wallet for Cryptocurrency

NFT transactions must take place using crypto wallets. As a result, a crypto wallet is a required element of all NFT marketplaces. Users on the STEPN clone platform can only purchase and sell GST and GMT tokens via a crypto wallet.


 Tokens aid in the creation of a distinct identity for each item. These are supported by blockchain technology and may be created in any token standard, including ERC720, ERC1155, ERC721, and others. You may also establish your own company name token, such as STEPN, and use GST and GMT tokens to purchase, sell, repair, level up, and satisfy other needs.


GPS trackers play an important part in the STEPN Clone app. It allows users to track their steps based on the footwear they wear. It displays findings in red and green signals to determine if the platform is evaluating your step or not. Green indicates that everything is going smoothly, while red indicates that something has to be improved. Your every step tracked by a GPS tracker assists you in earning money.

Wrap up

Suffescom Solutions is a well-known STEPN clone development firm. Our talented developers are quite knowledgeable in clone development with high-end security requirements. Our technical experts can assist you in fast developing a blockchain-based STEPN clone app identical to STEPN.

If you intend to develop a STEPN clone app. Make contact with our professionals!

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