Half Moon Crack on Windscreen Causes and Prevention

Half Moon Crack on Windscreen Causes and Prevention

Most car owners are only concerned about the exterior body of the car and worry about it developing any dents. They forget that windscreens are the most important part and can develop more damage than the overall body. Even driving the car recklessly can leave cracks and chips on the screen. An important type of crack your screen can develop is a half-moon crack.

What is Half-Moon Crack?

Half-moon cracks are the ones that make a half-circle or half-moon. They usually occur due to hard objects hitting the screen. However, the damage is not usually too deep, which makes them easily repairable. The damage can spread and give rise to the need for screen replacement if you choose to ignore the screen and not repair it immediately.

Give an in-depth read to this article to learn more about half-moon cracks on the windscreen as well as their causes and prevention tips.

Top 3 Causes of Half-Moon Cracks

Unlike stress and other types of cracks, half-moon cracks do not appear out of the blue. The cracks also do not develop gradually as part of some process but occur immediately due to specific causes. Learning about the causes can help you beware of them and utilize the means to keep them at bay.

Here are the major causes of half-moon cracks on windscreens you need to watch out for.


Debris is the first and foremost cause of a half-moon crack you must watch out for. Your windscreen can get debris on it, irrespective of the fact it is parked or running on the road. It is specifically more common if there is any sort of construction going on in your vicinity. These cracks can occur easily; however, they are also repairable. Due to this, people contact car windscreen repairs London technicians and ensure to get them fixed perfectly before it is too late.


The rocks are the most common cause of half-moon cracks on car windscreens. They are found everywhere and can easily land on your screen or hit if you are driving at a faster speed. This is why you should manage your speed while driving on a road that is not in perfect condition or under construction. Someone can even deliberately hit the screen with rocks if they have any grudge towards you. So, watch out for these issues if you do not want to deal with a damaged screen.

Heavy Objects Hitting Screen

Another significant cause of a half-moon crack on the windscreens is heavy objects hitting them. It can be due to hail or other storms, which can make lighter objects fly into the air and hit the screen. The bad weather condition can even uproot the trees, only for them to fall on your screen. Apart from all of this, children playing in the area can hit the screen with their balls or bats. So, you need to take appropriate measures to not expose your car to such dangers and damages.

Top 3 Prevention Tips for Half Moon Cracks

Half-moon cracks are not so common and occur only under special conditions or lack of care of the owner. You can easily prevent them by being a little more careful and responsible. Learning about prevention strategies can help you follow them efficiently and limit your loss.

Here are the major prevention tips you can follow to keep half-moon cracks on windscreens at bay.

Prefer Indoor Parking

Windscreens usually get half-moon cracks when they are parked out in the open. The passing traffic can make debris and rocks hit the screen and cause damage. The best prevention strategy for it is to prefer indoor parking. You can opt for covered parking to minimize the risk factors, even if it is not completely indoor. The cars parked outdoors have a greater possibility of being hit by objects like balls of children playing in the area. So act responsibly and protect your screen.

Keep the Car Covered

Another prevention strategy you can follow to keep half-moon cracks at bay is keeping the car covered. It might not be possible while you are driving. In that case, you can slow down your car and minimize the impact of debris and rocks hitting the screen. Otherwise, you should keep the car covered when it is parked. It will significantly lower the impact of the object hitting the screen and keep it safe from developing cracks.

Ensure Screen is in the Best Condition

The last and most important prevention strategy for half-moon cracks is to ensure the screen is in the best condition. Poor quality glass, poor installation, or minor chips and cracks can increase the risk of half-moon cracks. The already damaged screen will develop cracks faster, and you will eventually have to get it replaced instead of repairing it. Contact windscreen repairs technicians to fix all the issues of the screen before it reaches the point of needing replacement.

Does your screen have half-moon cracks?

If yes, you should not ignore the problem but get it fixed immediately. Hire professional auto windscreen services to secure your appointment and let them fix all screen issues smoothly.

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