How to Fix When Spotify Shuffle Play is Not Random : 5 Ways

1.  Restart your Spotify App

  • Step 1:  Go beforehand and Log Out from your Spotify plays account by way of heading to Your Library after which your Settings (gear icon) that’s on your pinnacle proper hand nook.
  • Step 2:  Once you’ve logged out out of your Spotify, restart your Spotify app by using final the app, and clearing it out of your apps which can be strolling to your historical past.
  • Step three:  Now when you’ve carried out all that, choose your Spotify app and log back in.
  • Now strive a playlist of yours if Spotify Shuffle is certainly shuffling your track.
  • If you locate that Spotify Shuffle play isn’t always random then move on to the subsequent technique.

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2.  Sort Your Tracks By Title

Sort Your Tracks By Title

This one’s a quite popular one amongst the Spotify community and for a few it has furnished a restoration to their track shuffling crisis.

  • Here’s the way you do it
  • Step 1:  Head over in your Spotify and pick out the playlist which you need to pay attention to.
  • Step 2:  Now you’re in your playlist right? Okay. So what you do is swipe your finger down at the screen. You will see a Filter search bar at the pinnacle and a hamburger-like image to its proper.
  • Step 3:  Select that hamburger symbol and once you’re in, you may pick out the way you would like to sort out your songs to your playlist. Just choose Title.
  • Step 4:  Now tap on that massive inexperienced Shuffle button for your playlist display screen and notice if your song performs randomly.
  • If you still experience that your music regularly performs the same song again and again again then.
  • Keep studying.

Three.  Update Your Spotify App

More frequently than now not, the cause why your Spotify Shuffle play isn’t random is due to the fact Spotify ought to have already up to date their Shuffle play set of rules and you’ll by no means realize because you are on a older version of Spotify and when it nonetheless plays that equal music over over and over.

I’ll show you ways you can replace your Spotify app whether you’re on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android.

  • If you’re on iOS
  • Step 1:  Head over to your App Store.
  • Step 2:  Then go on to the Updates tab in your a long way right hand facet and test in case your Spotify app wishes to be updated.
  • If you’re on Android
  • Step 1:  Go in advance and open your Google Play Store app.
  • Step 2:  Next, tap the Menu symbol (yeah it’s the only that kinda seems like a hamburger). Then select My apps & games.
  • Step 3:  Look for Spotify. If you notice Update next to it, then pick out Update. If not your Spotify is already up to date to the present day version.

Four.  Use Spotify Shuffler (It’s Free)

Basically Spotify Shuffler is a totally loose (and secure) third party utility which allows shuffle all your song for you plenty higher than Spotify ever does.

The handiest caveat is though you’re going to need to go back to Spotify Shuffler each time you want your tune to be shuffled. (But if you’re going to pay attention to a 50-a hundred music playlist at the move, you don’t need to shuffle all that often proper?).

  • Step 1:  Go ahead and login in your Spotify account thru Spotify Shuffler.
  • Step 2:  Signed in? Great! Now go beforehand and select any playlist you like and randomize it.
  • Step three:  In order to pay attention to the playlist that you simply randomized you want to listen to the playlist to your Spotify app with the shuffle became off. (This is in order that Spotify’s Shuffle doesn’t intrude with our already-randomized playlist)

Now simply return to the site whenever you want to repeat the process when you would really like your tracks in a brand new order.

If you get any errors then you could drop them an email on their Contact page and they’ll permit you to recognize if there’s any protection with their provider (it’s a  loose provider in the end). But in case you locate that the mistakes you get nevertheless doesn’t get fixed, then maintain studying.

Even when you have attempted all the 4 strategies above and also you find that it nevertheless doesn’t do the trick then you may constantly…

five.  Switch to Apple Music or Google Play Music

five.  Switch to Apple Music or Google Play Music

Both Apple Music and Google Play Music have a brilliant algorithm to shuffle your track and each of which comes at the same fee of Spotify at $9.99 or $14.99 with a Family Plan (up to six people).

I’ll best inspire you to transport in case you sincerely use Shuffle play nearly regular and in case you pretty much had it enough with Spotify’s efforts of enhancing their Shuffle set of rules.

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