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Local SEO 2022 Checklist

The local SEO 2022 checklist is a comprehensive guide on how to improve your business awareness locally. Most business owners understand the importance of SEO optimization. And some might even attempt to do all this by themselves. But before you jump into a vast project, it might be a better idea to discuss it with a professional. After that, you can use the following local SEO 2022 checklist for your brand’s success!

#1 Start with adequate site architecture

The first thing on the checklist to consider is a site audit. This will tell you whether you practice adequate site architecture. The goal is to make sure you have an intuitive website. Search engines crawl over thousands of URLs, which is why your local SEO web design shouldn’t be ignored. The main criteria to focus on are readability, keywords, and mobile-friendly interfaces. Of course, there are several other aspects that can contribute to your SEO efforts.

#2 Focus on meta descriptions and title tags

Another key element on the local SEO 2022 checklist is the meta descriptions and title tags. Each page on your website needs a specific title tag. At the same time, meta descriptions for your website are necessary to support your local SEO strategy. Some of my main tips on optimizing both titles and meta descriptions include:

  • Using unique titles for each page on your website
  • Using a short title of fewer than 60 characters
  • Using cues about your location
  • Using keywords relevant to your local SEO efforts

To improve your meta descriptions, you should include keywords in a text that sounds natural. Avoid ad-like content, as it might actually harm your Google rankings.

#3 Use headings and adequate content

Local SEO is more than just using some specific keywords and creating promotional content. It requires plenty of research and attention to detail. In 2022, headings and qualitative content are a must. Headings are there to make the website easy to read for both users and search engine bots. So, it is best to format headings properly. Even though these might not have a direct impact on a business’s SEO rankings, it helps make the content scannable.

#4 Use a blog on your website

A professional tip on the local SEO 2022 checklist is to use a blog. Blog content with a focus on high-value targeted to localized audiences improves brand awareness. It can help you make your business an authority in your niche. There are different techniques for this, including regularly posting a blog post. Make sure you add keywords and use real customer problems in your texts. This will offer solutions relevant to your potential customers, which might determine them to contact you for additional help.

#5 Constantly update your content

SEO isn’t an exact science because it constantly evolves and changes. This means you should always update your content and remove out-of-date information. Qualitative content on your website is a good approach to gaining interest. Both users and search engines prefer updated and high-quality content.

#6 Make sure there isn’t duplicate content on your website

The best local SEO tip you can get right now is to remove any duplicate content from your website. If you don’t do this, you risk getting your website flagged. Search engines are designed to discover the best web pages for specific queries. But when you have duplicate content, you might end up labeled as not trustworthy or relevant for your niche.

#7 Set up personalized location pages

Remember that local searches have the potential to generate sales. And a key aspect of the local SEO 2022 checklist is to focus on setting up personalized location pages. Search engines look for headings, titles, and meta descriptions. You can add local keywords relevant to your business in those exact places. Also, individual location pages will let you improve each location and achieve better rankings.

#8 Use the services of a local SEO expert

Lastly, but not least important, you should consider working with a local SEO expert. The purpose is to gain access to valuable information on your business niche and audiences. An expert has plenty of experience in performing research and market studies to determine which local SEO strategy suits you best. Overall, with a local SEO expert, you can manage to leverage everything online marketing has to offer.

Complete Local SEO 2022 Checklist

This is a straightforward local SEO 2022 checklist. Of course, there are different other things you can think about. Google My Business, social media platforms, and powerful web design techniques can all improve your results. Make sure you discuss with an expert before implementing any SEO strategy.  Be sure to download another local SEO checklist for more insight on ranking higher on Google and Google maps.

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