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How to Measure the Impact of Live Chat Support

Live chat support has become an integral part of many companies daily operations. It is more convenient and can also improve the customer experience. Intelligent chatbots can answer questions and suggest relevant docs and FAQ pages, reducing the need for human assistance. Moreover, they can connect with customers by offering suitable suggestions and establishing trust. Learn how to measure the impact of your live chat support in the following sections. And do not forget to use the Tags feature to categorize content in the chat.

Live Chat: What Is It? 

Live chat is a service provided by businesses to deliver immediate assistance to customers browsing their websites. They can receive responses promptly and waste less time browsing your website’s knowledge base or waiting for a solution.

Customers can communicate with live chat support agents and get immediate assistance for problems. But chat support services can do much more than offer prompt customer support. To explain how chat may enhance your business, we have listed seven benefits of live chat.

Let’s take a look at them!

  1. Increases Sales and Leads
  2. Faster Response Time
  3. Helps Learn Customers’ Common Concern
  4. 24/7 Availability to Answer Customer Queries
  5.  Enhances the Client Experience (CX)
  6. Offers a Competitive Edge
  7.  Increases Efficiency of Your Outsourced Agent
Chat Support

Best Practices for Live Chat Support

Using live chat support can improve your customer service in many ways. For example, it can help you avoid re-answering the same question repeatedly. If you have an overlapping team, you can end each chat half an hour early. The conversations should be monitored by the team manager and not the individual agent, and private messages are only visible to the team manager and personal agent. When creating your chat experience, make sure to follow these best practices.

First and foremost, keep your support agents informed of your knowledge base. If your knowledge base has articles that explain frequently asked questions, then your agents should focus their attention there. After all, they should be able to suggest additional help if necessary. Moreover, live chat support should be monitored and quantified. Using key performance indicators, you can measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your agents. Hence, you can decide the level of service you need to provide your customers.

Measurement of Chat Response Time

The first response time is a crucial metric for measuring customer service. It is calculated based on the time between the initial message sent and the first response from an agent. It does not include any time spent in a queue or an automatic greeting. The average response time is 15 minutes. Lower responses indicate better service. Conversely, longer response times lead to frustration and negative referrals. Fortunately, several metrics can be used to evaluate your chat response time.

First contact resolution is another important metric that you can use to evaluate your customer service. This metric will tell you how many issues are resolved the first time a customer engages your support team. The better your AHT, the better. However, the opposite is also true. If a customer’s query is not resolved within a few seconds of initiating a chat, it may indicate that your agent has a poor skill set.

Chat Support Tags

Many brands use chat support tags to their advantage. Tags help categorize content within chat and route it down the right path. For example, you might create questionnaires for common problems customers face with communication channels or for identifying leads’ concerns. You can increase team productivity and reduce the sales cycle by tagging chats and using tags. Moreover, labels can also alert you when a customer creates a ticket.

When creating a new tag, you can make it according to your needs. To do so, go to Tags > Edit and create a new label. You can also create tags for specific groups (such as the general public or customers). Afterward, select a group and enter the tag name in the field provided. Then, click Save to add the new tag. You can use the same process for tickets, archives, and chats.

Chat Support

Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Measuring customer satisfaction with live chat is essential for many reasons. Ideally, you should be able to handle the high volume of conversations you receive and measure the number of customers who are satisfied with the service you offer. A customer’s satisfaction is your best metric, and one of the easiest to measure is the response time. The longer customers wait for a response, the less likely they will return to your business and spend more money.


Using live Chat Support metrics is more than a reality check. It’s an actionable step towards setting clear customer service goals to help your team perform better. By evaluating these metrics, you can stop customer satisfaction from taking a nosedive, expand your customer base, and scale your support strategy smartly. Here are six metrics to monitor:

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