Daily sun protection is a fundamental part of any daily skin care regimen. With just a few drops of sunscreen, you help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and skin damage caused by the sun. If sunscreen is already part of your daily skincare routine, you’re well on your way to ensuring healthy skin as you age. If sunscreen isn’t yet part of your daily routine, you should invest in a daily SPF MAKEUP, like our Daily Deflector mineral face sunscreen. But did you know that one application of sunscreen in the morning is not enough to last all day? While it’s better to apply sunscreen in the morning than none at all, for reliable sun protection it is necessary to reapply it frequently. In fact, experts recommend reapplying your SPF every two hours for uninterrupted facial sun protection.

While reapplying can be great for your skin, applying sunscreen over makeup can feel like a challenge. Luckily, there are ways to reapply sunscreen without smudging your morning makeup. Find out how to reapply sunscreen over makeup like an expert below!

1. Add sunscreen to your skincare routine

To effectively protect your skin from sun exposure, don’t just invest in quality sunscreen. Find one that helps your skincare routine by doing well with your makeup as it performs as a first layer of safety. If you’re wondering what SPF is for face protection, we recommend choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Broad-spectrum sunscreens work to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, both of which damage your skin.

When it comes to facial application, be sure to apply generous amounts to your face, neck, and chest. After applying a base coat of SPF, if you’re out in the sun for long periods of time and need to reapply, there’s an easy way to do that without smudging your morning makeup: SPF-containing skincare goat milk products!

2. Add a tinted moisturizer with SPF to your routine

If you don’t like using multiple products, try incorporating a tinted moisturizer with SPF into your skincare routine. Using a moisturizing tinted sunscreen will simultaneously work to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, provide needed hydration, and cover minor blemishes. Using this dual-purpose product will help you save time on your skin care routine and prevent you from buying unnecessary products like goat milk soap. Plus, the multitasking capabilities of a tinted moisturizing sunscreen will allow you to use both products daily. If you choose to buy a moisturizer with SPF. Make sure you apply an adequate amount to get the needed amount of SPF.

3. Use a makeup setting spray

Investing in a high-quality setting spray with SPF is the easiest way to apply sun protection over makeup! Most setting sprays are applied as a mist with a clear or matte finish. Utilizing a setting spray to apply sunscreen will give a layer of safety. To your skin without messing up your makeup.

This setting spray offers a light, airy mist that immediately sets your makeup while protecting it from harmful UV rays. The light-diffusing silicone powder in this spray also reduces the appearance of premature aging. And wrinkles while simultaneously decreasing shine and providing a matte finish. The best part? It smells delicious! Scented with lavender essential oil, this fixing spray is as soothing as it is effective. Plus, it’s SPF 50, which means your skin will be even more protected against sun exposure.

Invest in an SPF powder

If you want a quick way to reapply your SPF without ruining your makeup. An SPF loose powder is a great alternative to sprays and lotions. In addition to protecting your face from sun damage. An SPF powder can help set makeup and absorb excess facial oils. If you have a particularly active lifestyle, we recommend purchasing an SPF loose powder with water-resistant protection. Easy to use, this type of powder is easy to reapply with makeup without making the skin too oily.

Worried about breakouts?

A lot of people dread the thought of using sunscreen for their faces. They worry that heavy creams will make skin oily, or worse…cause breakouts. Fortunately, skincare products have evolved. And the sunscreen you apply to your face is very different from what you would apply to your body. While the type of product you use will vary depending on your individual needs. We recommend choosing a sunscreen that’s right for your skin type and activity level. If you have sensitive skin, take note before trying any facial sunscreen that is new to your skincare regimen.

Now that you’ve learned how to reapply sunscreen with makeup, there’s no excuse not to reapply regularly. Although a skincare routine can vary from routine to routine, sunscreen is an essential step in every skincare regimen. Add sun protection to your routine and start enjoying the benefits of sunscreen today!

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