Johns Teases Character The Northerner as Part of The Unnamed Heroes

Johns Teases Character The Northerner as Part of The Unnamed Heroes

eferencing “The Northerner,” in passing, the author Geoff Johns whetted the appetite of “Geiger” fans for the related stories to the six-issue, single-volume graphic novel of a dystopian Unnamed Universe. At the end of the sixth issue of “Geiger,” the author addressed fans in a letter, offered a timeline for the full storyline, and teased the characters whose stories he would tell – The Unnamed.

In this preview, he features a scene from a forthcoming story, which has yet to be published. Although the author has yet to provide details, The Northerner likely appears in the American Civil War storyline, which the preview scene depicts as occurring on October 29, 1862.

In “Geiger,” the lead character, Tariq Geiger, survives a radioactive explosion that kills others who weren’t underground. This takes place during the Unnamed War, which begins in 2030. His story begins in 2050 though.

The far-reaching storyline looks to pull together elements and characters from all the wars in which America has participated except World War I and the Korean War. The planned storyline focuses most closely on The American Revolution, The American Civil War, World War II, The Vietnam War, and two fictional wars that factor into the Geiger timeline – the Unseen War of 2025 and the Unknown War of 2030.

These preview panes never mention a character called The Northerner, but it likely appears in the Civil War story since that war pitted the US northern states against the US southern states. This story’s graphic novel has yet to hit the bookstands, but the first issue of Junkyard Joe, the robot stemming from the Vietnam War, and The Redcoat, stemming from the American Revolution story came out at the end of 2021, and in 2022, respectively.

In all, Geiger’s creators plan eight spinoffs to tell the story of eight heroes that the authors refer to as The Unnamed Heroes. Each story contributes in some way to the overall story of Geiger and Tariq’s family, but the theme of family and the desire for a connection with another person also carries through the stories.

Read the future preview at the end of the sixth issue of Geiger to learn all you can of The Northerner. Other appearances will likely appear in the flurry of publications forthcoming in 2022 and 2023 from the creators of “Geiger” and their creative colleagues.

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