Merino Wool Socks

Major Qualities of Choosing Wear To Merino Wool Socks

Are you in search for great merino wool socks? Merino Wool is considered one of the best and softest wools in the world and has more benefits than any other wool. Merino Wool is a popular fabric worldwide because it is high-quality, versatile, and long-lasting.

People camp, hike, and do other outdoor activities and often wear socks from this material. Let’s have an overview on major qualities which makes merino wool socks best to invest in.

This sustainable sock yarn comes from Merino sheep and is just as thin as regular wool. It’s perfect for every season because it can keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Merino wool is thin, doesn’t make you sweat, and gets rid of smells.

The origin behind merino wool socks

Merino sheep belongs to Spain and they are often found in the regions like New Zealand and Australia. They grow the wool that is used to make clothes. Australia is the country that makes the most Merino wool, with New Zealand coming in a close second.

Merino wool socks can handle temperatures between -20 C and +35 C. Because of this; it works better than cotton, regular wool, and synthetic blends.

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Important qualities why merino wool socks are best to choose

Merino wool socks are the best because of the following:


Merino wool is smoother and softer than other wools and doesn’t irritate the skin like other wools.


The fibers of Merino wool are thinner and lighter than regular wool. This makes the socks even more comfortable to wear as a whole.


These socks are made with no waste. The sheep get their coats cut once or twice a year, and then their coats grow back on their own. A skilled shearer can get the wool off the sheep without hurting it. Also, you can be sure that the fabric is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Odour Proof

Merino wool socks are antimicrobial, killing bacteria that cause bad smells. Their ability to let air in and remove moisture keeps smells from building up.

Merino fabric is very good at absorbing moisture and letting air through, so it keeps your feet dry. This means you won’t get blisters as often or at all, and you can go outside and be active without worrying.

Also, this fabric’s fibres are porous, which means it dries quickly. Let the sock drip dry, and you can put it on again immediately.


Merino wool lasts six times as long as cotton. A fabric’s fibre can be bent more than 20,000 times. Even though wool is light, it can withstand temperatures as low as -10°C in the morning or at night during the winter. It will make you feel cool on any humid or hot day once the temperature reaches 30°C.

Even in the summer, these are great socks to wear. Merino wool is great at wicking away sweat, so it keeps your skin dry when you work out.

How can you keep merino socks in good shape?

  • Use cool or warm water in the washing machine. Avoid extremely hot water.
  • Don’t use bleach or softener, and only use mild soap.
  • Prefer air-dry. Always use a low setting when you tumble-dry.


Merino wool socks are a great choice because of how unique and well-made the material is. Do a bit of research to see what else benefits you can get from socks and how they are worth to invest in. Because they can absorb sweat and keep smells away, they are great to wear on any outdoor adventure or physical activity.

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