Monoprice 110010

Monoprice 110010 | Better Gaming Sound Experience with Noise Cancellation Headset 

Assuming that you are search for the perfect and design for a headset that can also control any noise from outside, then you are at the right place. The design of this headset is ultimately perfect, whereas the sound isolation feature is the most futuristic approach to control any outside sounds. Now, you do not have to compromise your favorite game or music as everything is under control with Monoprice 110010.  

Beginning of the Journey 

Monoprice is a perfect headset with vast qualities and features. Let us enjoy a bit of a flashback about the brand of this headset. Briefly, Monoprice was founded in the USA, Minnesota. It was the year 1996 when the company began to operate in over 70 countries all across the globe. Such as, it includes the US, Europe, Asia, Arabia, Mexico, and many other places. This headset received great popularity in the recent years.

Until now, it has become one of the most excellent brands because of its most significant and best features of controlling any external noise. Furthermore, it is known to be the most affordable electronic headset. Whereas, Monoprice also includes a vast range of top-notch electronic headsets. These are known to provide high-quality audio products at the most affordable rate. You can find Monoprice 110010 for only $30.  

What Qualities Make these Headphones Amazing?     

If you want the highest efficiency rate for the best and the most futuristic headphones, then these are available on the market at the lowest price. These headphones are fabulous for their stunning qualities.  

  • Designing of Headset Body     

The design is fantastic and peaceful for the ears; you can adjust them easily. It is a portable design with the most high-quality material. Even when you listen to music, your ears do not get tired. On the other hand, the metal body is ultimately very durable.  

For such an excellent body material, the Monoprice headphones are very inexpensive. They are budget-friendly, giving you every feature and quality you require in a headset. Nevertheless, the other qualities will also amaze you.  

  • Squishy and Comfortable Earbuds     

Most of the earphones you get in the market will have a very harsh and spongy sharpness; it becomes hard for you to put them on longer. This headset replaces the ear pads with the most squishy and comfortable earbuds. You can handle them for longer, and your ears will not get tired. In addition, they are very lightweight and easy to manage while being durable.  

Every game requires the most comfortable earbuds. Therefore, this headset gives you extraordinarily soft and perfect earbuds. It uses memory foam that does not hurt your ears and eliminates pressure points. Hence, this headset can ensure long-lasting comfort. 

  • Long Lasting Battery Life     

 Who doesn’t love to have a headset with a long-lasting battery? If you are a gamer, you must require a long-lasting battery for your headset. Whereas, if you love to travel around the world and make your headset your best friend, then Monoprice 110010 is your option.  

This headset has a long-lasting and good battery life. In contrast, this feature is not presented by many companies. With soft cushions for your ears and a long-lasting battery, you can now enjoy your game without hurdles. This ear set can run for about 52 hours; therefore, it will be your best investment.  

  • USB Port  

Furthermore, it comes with a micro-USB port for charging and attaching to a PC. At the same time, you can also send audio files between the devices. There is also a cable that you can easily connect to the computer.  

  • Buttons 

You can use the buttons to increase and decrease the music. Simultaneously, buttons are best for pausing and resuming your music. You can also pick up the calls.

  • Feathery Weight      

It is biggest challenges people face in choosing the headset is its weight. Many headphones are unmanageable, and you cannot put them on as you will get a headache; the monoprice is giving you this headset with a highly lightweight quality. 

  • Noise Abolishing Futuristic Technology        

Now comes the best and the significant part of the Monoprice headset. These headphones provide a clear and soft sound while looking forward to futuristic technology. This technology means that there is going to be noise cancellation headphones. Overall, this futuristic technology helps prevent any outside noise from coming inside the headphones and disturbing you.  

Now, you know why monoprice 110010 is one of the best headphones you can ever invest in other than random headphones. It is the marvelous one and ideal because of its lightweight, durable consistency, and perfect noise canceling technology.  

Monoprice 110010 is a perfect Harmony with Sound Control    

So, now you know that Monoprice headphone is one of the best and gives you complete harmony to sound control. This gadget is perfect in all positive ways. The company has crossed its limitations to manage the perfect gadget for your earpiece.   

Therefore, now you do not have to listen to the externals while enjoying your experience with this headset. The Monoprice comes in two different versions, and both are amazing.  

  • The first is a wired model. Likewise, it gives you the features of an over-ear design that easily connects to computers and different MP3 players. You can connect them through cables. Specifically, USB types A.  
  • Whereas the other model is wireless and gives you a Bluetooth connectivity feature. You can use this headset with smartphones, tablets, and computers.  

Best Situations where you will love Sound Cancelling Ability     

Presently you might ask why you could at any point requirenoise cancellation technology in a headset. Well, the answer to your question is quite simple. When you are traveling on the train, there is a lot of noise. You can choose a headset with sound cancellation technology to overcome noise pollution.  

At the same time, you may work in a traffic environment or place with many people. This headset will give you complete relaxation in the most stressful time. In contrast, this headset is perfect for gamers as no outside sound invades, and you can enjoy even the most specific sound in all games.  

What Features does Monoprice have to Offer?  

Before buying your fantastic gadget, you can come to know its brilliant features. These headphones have to offer some excellent specs. Let us come to know about these features.  

  • Monoprice headphones have a frequency response of 16 hazards to 22K hazards.  
  • The impedance is 16 ohms which help to control any noise from the external environment.  
  • Furthermore, the sensitivity of headphones is 102 decibels.  
  • It gives perfect noise isolation at the rate of 40 DB, and the total harmonic distortion is off 4%.  
  • The maximum power output is 25MW. It can last 52 hours on battery.  

How does Sound Control Technology work?     

Monoprice is giving you a perfect headset for noise cancellation. It is a brilliant futuristic technology to make sure that you are enjoying your music in quality. This headset is not all about this sound control technology, but the sound quality is also to perfection.  

This headset performs a decent job of blocking any unwanted background noise. While giving you perfect sound quality. Monoprice 110010 has a driver of 9MM. Furthermore, it comes with 47-ohm impedance and titanium plated connectors. All of these help to offer the better performance of the headset while lowering the levels of interference of the external sounds.  

Best Specifications to Look for in your Headphones     

This headset completely fills up all the pros to ensure that you buy quality rather than just a rough gadget. Monoprice is giving this headset the best quality of sound and the control of the external sounds.  

  • The first fantastic feature of this headset is its unique bass system.  
  • Furthermore, it is simple, durable, and provides audio with complete sound quality. 
  • You can get a mid-range audio reproduction.  
  • The battery life is long-lasting. It can work for up to 52 hours continuously.  
  • Lastly, its sound cancellation technology makes it the most brilliant.  

Final Verdict            

The conclusion of Monoprice 110010 is that it is a perfect headphone set that you will enjoy. You can play thousands and millions of songs on it while enjoying the sound quality. Its boosted bass gives you the most premium experience. In contrast, these headsets make sure that no other sound from the external environment hits your ears.  

Therefore, this gadget is a perfect collab of future technology and modern features. You can enjoy the vast range of specifications, Such as the softness of the earbuds. In addtion, the Light weight of the headset body is perfect. Likewise, the buttons are incredibly soft and durable. You don’t need to stress over the external noise, so now enjoy your music in peace. 

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