Picuki- An Ultimate Guide to Watch Insta Stories Anonymously

Instagram is the most widely used social media app for interacting with people over the globe. It has limitless features that users can enjoy. However, Instagram also implements some restrictions on the users in some terms. If you are also an Instagram user, you may find it frustrating when you can’t see the profile pictures of others in full size. Isn’t it annoying? We know it is!So, have you ever tried to figure out the ways that can help you sort out this myth? There are tons of online tools available that help users vanish away from this issue and view Instagram profile pictures in full size.

But not every tool works fine. Here, Picuki comes into action to help you view Instagram profile pictures zoomed in. We sat down for hours and tested several tools, then figured out Picuki is at the top of the list. That’s why we are recommending this tool to our users. Let’s dive into the details of this best Instagram Profile picture viewer tool.

What is Meant by Picuki?

Picuki is one of the major apps being used with Instagram nowadays. This app’s main objective is to free your life from hassles by providing various options to view and edit photos. There is no time limit on updating Instagram profiles, following other users, adding tags, posting, giving locations, and searching through stories. You can now keep an eye open on your friends’ activities. This app lets you see who your friends are following and what are their other activities on Instagram. 

What is picuki

A user can also use Picuki to search for any Instagram hashtag, such as #sad or #happy, to read various comments or evaluate how many likes have been received by post in question. According to a public evaluation of Picuki, it is a straightforward app that is easy to use. 

How to Use Picuki?

Picuki has been discovered worldwide by several online users. The phrase Picuki has become very popular on many platforms, including Bing, Google, and many others. As a result, this website’s trending keywords receive significant impressions from the online community.

Using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other Internet browser, you can log into picuki.com with your computer or phone. Start by visiting picuki.com. After inputting the correct address, press GO or ENTER. Once you have opened the portal, the menu bar will appear at the top right of the page.

Here are the Reasons to Prefer Picuki

● Instagram requires you to create an account to view someone’s profile. Picuki allows you to perform this task merely as a guest or ghost. Picuki provides various benefits, including the ability to download pictures from other users’ profiles. However, very few people are aware of it.

● Using Picuki, you can search for trending topics on Instagram without registering or logging in. On the recipient’s profile or anywhere else, Picuki does not keep details or records of visits

● Instagram content, such as profiles and stories, can be viewed, modified, and saved using Picuki. You don’t need an Instagram account or any registration to use Picuki.

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki has an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface, making it relatively easy to use. To search for a user effectively, you must enter their name in the search bar located on the homepage. As a result, the algorithm will present you with various possible matches. You can see additional information when you select the profile you are looking for, including hashtags, stories, and posts.

Below the regular or proper search filter, you can choose tags, locations, or profiles to narrow your search. Identify the exact person you are looking for and proceed accordingly. The thumbnail picture can be downloaded or viewed by clicking the item. Those who wish to download the image can click the ‘Download’ button.

Click on Download’ to download the image in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Choose the appropriate folder and click the button if you wish to download the image to your computer or mobile phone. Remember, this system only applies to hashtags, posts, stories, etc. 

If you want to explore what is contained in any Instagram profile, you can use Picuki to make your way there. Nevertheless, you will have to click a second time to view the content of the Stories if you wish to view them. Select the button beside the number of contents created to access and download the contents posted on the wall.

How to Download Pictures in Picuki and Edit them?

On Instagram, when you use Picuki, you can download videos and photos without any struggle. All you must do is write the desired Instagram username, search for it, go to your profile and then download any stuff you like. However, if you use only Instagram, you will not find any option to download videos and photos on your phone. 

Picuki provides you with the ease of editing photos also. You do not need to download any separate photo editing app. Now you can change the background of your pictures, change the colors or apply any other editing option by using Picuki. It is not possible to do this on Instagram. You can only change the filter of your photos when posting a picture on Instagram.

Picuki Privacy Policy-You May Need to Know

You do not need to provide Picuki with personal information like an email address, credit card number, or name because it is a free online tool. For a better user experience, you may be required to provide your contact information if you use the platform to seek service. However, Picuki only collects or stores information about a user once. A regular virus scan may also be required to prevent intrusions into your database.

Why is Picuki Special than Other Websites?

Several points are making Picuki the top choice of users, including:

● The facility for downloading videos and photos

● Ease of editing photos

● Go through the history of any person

● You can hide your Instagram activities

● Secure and free to use with Instagram

Which Activities are not Allowed on Picuki?

Here is the list of activities you can’t perform on Instagram. 

● It is not possible to post pictures or videos.

● Add a comment to someone’s post.

● Likes a post.

● Tagging someone.

● Share your story.

● Send a message.

● Become a live participant 


Can you be on Instagram without anyone knowing?

Yes, Instagram allows you to turn the activity status on and off whenever possible. 

Can someone know if you looked at their Instagram profile?

You can not see who has visited your Instagram profile using the official Instagram app. 

How can you tell who’s looking at your Instagram?

You can see who is sharing your feed if you have a business account on Instagram. If you are a regular user, you don’t know who has shared your posts. 

Is Picuki allowed to watch insta stories anonymously?

If you use Picuki, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously. 


Picuki has made it easier to use Instagram as it has more features than the official Instagram app. You can view the story of any person, and the person will not know about your identity. Moreover, you can view zoomed-in profile pictures of any account, save videos and photos, and edit photos without having any other app. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Picuki.com, install this app and let the magic begin!

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