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Do you have any doubts about the paternity of a child, you can only get the answer you need through a home paternity test. EasyDNA New Zealand has the Home Paternity Test with over 20 genetic paternity markers and identifiers for $329 for testing 1 alleged father and 1 child. Our many years of experience mean we understand just how important it is that we deliver your results confidentially and in total privacy.

If you require a Home Paternity Test, Including the mother in the test is free and optional however  recommended whenever possible to increase accuracy of the test results. EasyDNA New Zealand, uses state of the art technology offered by an internationally accredited laboratory. The Home Paternity Test provides a simple and painless way to find out the answers to your paternity questions. This test uses all-inclusive genetic markers which guarantee 99.99% accurate result in a timely manner.  The Home Paternity Test compares 20+ genetic markers between the child and the alleged father, and if paternity is proven, all 20+ genetic markers will match.

The Ordering Process – Simple

These days we can do so many things from the comfort of our home, so why not a DNA test as well?

•             Order – Choose your test and order it online

•             Pay – Pay for your test and any extras you require

•             Receive – You will get your home sample collection kit in the mail. This kit contains everything required to undertake the test. Including instructions for use, oral swabs, consent forms and a return envelope.

•             Results – Receive your results in a quick timeframe. If you really want your results in a hurry, using registered post or a courier service is the best option.

The Results:

At EasyDNA New Zealand we understand that you don’t want any grey areas when it comes to your test results. Results will indicate a probability of 99.9% of paternity or higher, or provide a negative result.


I have ordered a Home Paternity Test. Can I use this as a Legal test?

Put simply, no. If you ordered a home paternity test, by all means, use it, but it will not be accepted by a court for legal proceedings.

If you need a legal paternity test, simply ask us today about our Paternity testing for Legal Purposes, or our Legal Paternity Test.

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