is curd good for weight loss, curd benefits for weight loss

Quick reasons you must eat curd daily

There is no doubt that curd is a staple in each and every household. No matter people take it with parathas or with chapati and sabzi, curd is relished in India. If you too take up curd off and on, now onwards you should start taking it regularly. This simple food item is full of a number of nutrients and aids in boosting the health benefits in your body.

And if you are thinking is curd good for weight loss then the answer is a yes. You have no idea how wonderfully curd can work for you. It not just helps you with weight loss but otherwise too. In this post, you would get to know about some points that will convince you to take this curd every day.

Reduce your weight with curd 

A hormone known as cortisol even known as the ‘stress hormone’ encourages the fat cells to generate more fat around your belly area. Taking up a single cup of curd regularly increases the amount of calcium in your body that actually limits the release of cortisol, hence, helping you lose your tedious weight. Curd even retains one-third of your lean muscle mass, and this is something that helps you upkeep your physique post those dropped kilos for a longer duration.

Probiotics aids with digestion

Curd, being absolutely rich in probiotics (good bacteria), enhances digestion as it eradicates all the harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and helps the propagation of good bacteria. Probiotics even help in the end of diverse types of digestive issues such as bloating, cramps, and abdominal pain caused because of irritable bowel syndrome. So, if you are a person who is not very good with digestion, curd could be a great go-to for you.

Strengthen your immunity with curd 

Ah, you know a single cup of curd is packed with good bacteria that is essential for fighting off germs, even thereby making your immune system absolutely stronger and more persistent. Making curd a part of your day today diet is a great idea as it is impactful in averting yeast infections around your vaginal area. Of course, when you can work on your immunity with curd, you will definitely experience best results. After all, when good immune system is so important in the present-day world of ailments and health problems; you should not miss out on anything that may work on your immunity. Curd will definitely help you stay fit.

Helps your skeletal system

Did anyone tell you that like all other types of dairy products, the curd is absolutely rich in calcium that is essential for strong bones and teeth. Apart from calcium, curd is absolutely rich in phosphorous, and even together, they quicken the bone growth procedure and helps in preventing arthritis as well as osteoporosis.


To sum up , since you know a few of the many curd benefits for weight loss and other things; make sure that you accommodate it in your day today life.  It will definitely help you stay fitter and healthier!

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