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Know How To Create An Awesome Real Estate Flyer

As a real estate agent, you’re always looking for innovative ways to connect with potential clients and grow your clientele. Real estate flyers are still a crucial component of any real estate marketing campaign, even though many agents use digital strategies like social media or email.

Thanks to inexpensive printing and readily editable real estate flyer templates, making your own real estate flyers is simpler than ever. However, there are a number of things to take into account before designing your own flyers, regardless of whether you’re promoting a single listing or your services as an agent.

How should your flyers be formatted? What information should you provide? How will you get in touch with your target market?

With over two million real estate agents in the United States, you want to keep your marketing strategy competitive and effective. Let’s take a look at these questions and see how engaging real estate flyers can help your real estate marketing strategy.

How Can Real Estate Flyers Benefit Your Company?

To generate new leads and retain existing clients, real estate agents can employ a variety of marketing strategies. When it comes to bringing awareness to your business or newly listed property, real estate flyers are a practical way to market your services.

Learn how to use flyers effectively before you start designing them in order to stay within your budget and reach the right prospective clients. Consider the three alternatives to targeted direct mail for real estate agents listed below.

  • Include a flyer box on your “for sale” signs for people to pick up as they pass by. The individual will have access to your contact information as well as additional information about the listing. If a prospect discovers an empty flyer box, they may be less likely to conduct their own property research and move on to the next ‘for sale’ sign.
  • Viewings: If your home is being viewed by a number of people, including agents, you should leave flyers for the prospects to take. Not only will your listing be remembered by the client, but it also contains information that the other agent may have overlooked.
  • Open houses: Make sure to hand out your listing flyer to everyone who comes to your open house. Your flyer can be a great talking point and leave a lasting impression to close the deal. You can also text or email your flyers as PDF files using Wise Agent.

What Are the Benefits of Using Real Estate Flyers in Your Business?

Are you still undecided about investing in real estate flyers? While you may want to use only new technology and digital trends, keep in mind that traditional methods are still effective.

Real estate flyers can help you cut through the clutter and reach your target audience while staying out of the trash. If you’re still not convinced, consider the following benefits of flyers for your business:

Engage Your Prospective Customers

You have creative freedom when designing your flyers, but keep your target clients in mind. To increase engagement, customize your graphics and message. Consider images of dogs or young children running through the backyard if you’re aiming for first-time homebuyers. After all, by 2020, millennials will make up more than half of all mortgage borrowers.

You will capture the recipient’s attention and make them reconsider your call-to-action with the right design (CTA). It is critical to note that you are not restricted to a single design or audience. You can test different designs on different demographics to see what works best. By engaging your audience with custom content, you can keep them interested in your message.

Contributes to the generation of potential buyer leads

In order for your real estate business to grow, your marketing strategy must generate leads. Real estate flyers can be used to send mass listing flyers to new neighborhoods in order to broaden your network and reach new buyers.

Include your contact information and website address on the flyer to successfully generate leads through real estate marketing. As an added bonus, include a QR code or a dedicated landing page so you can track the ROI of your flyer and the lead’s progression down your lead funnel.

Purchase Decisions Can Be Influenced

In addition to helping build brand awareness, real estate flyers can influence a prospective lead’s opinion on a listing, neighborhood, or agent. You can personalize your marketing strategy by including messaging about how a house is ideal for a family or a list of the hottest local restaurants nearby on the flyer.

You understand what prospective buyers look for when purchasing a home as a real estate agent. For example, 78% of homebuyers place a premium on neighborhood quality, while 57% prefer a shorter commute. Display your prospective buyer’s needs in your marketing materials to influence their purchase decision.

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How to Create Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyers

You can start making your own real estate flyers now that you understand their importance. Consider what will pique your recipient’s interest when designing your flyers. This encourages them not only to act but also to remember you in the future if they are not yet ready to buy.

Let’s take a look at some key elements for your real estate flyers.

Headline and sub-headline

Create a compelling headline that entices your recipient to read on as the first impression. Similarly, the sub-headline must contain enough information about the listing. Consider the following combinations:

  • A One-of-a-Kind Modern Home in Birmingham Has Just Been Listed
  • Exclusively Listed – Walk Downtown to the Best Attractions in the Neighborhood
  • Property for Sale – Large Backyard for Your Family’s Entertainment
  • Price

It is debatable whether the listing price should be included on the flyer because you may prefer that the buyer contact you directly to discuss the price. If your recipient wants to learn more about your listing, you should make it clear to them how they can find out the price.

Property Information

The property description is your opportunity to sell the home and all of its wonderful features. The first sentence should be straightforward and tell the prospective buyer exactly what to expect from the flyer and property.

Is your listing brand new? Only a few minutes to downtown? If so, this is your chance to brag! Begin your description by saying something like this:

This 2-story townhome located just 5 minutes from downtown Royal Oak will captivate you.

This ranch-style home with a large yard and swimming pool located just 15 minutes from downtown Chicago will make your family feel right at home.


Including images on your real estate flyers is an excellent way to immediately capture your buyer’s attention. To increase engagement, select the best listing or company photos and creatively display them on your flyers.

However, avoid using images that distract from your CTA. The goal is to pique a buyer’s interest to the point where they want to learn more and contact you. Choose high-resolution photos with good lighting that highlight the listing’s best features instead.

Getting In Touch

After receiving your fantastic real estate flyer, who should your buyer contact for more information? On all of your flyers, include a recent headshot and your contact information so that buyers can contact you when they are ready to take the next step.

Real Estate Flyer Best Practices

Design is essential when creating a real estate marketing campaign. However, to maximize your ROI, you should follow a few best practices. Let’s go over the features you’ll want to include in your flyers.

Select Your Words Wisely

When writing flyer copy, use deliberate words to communicate your value. Include well-written marketing and sales copy that addresses your target audience’s pain points and needs. Keep the following points in mind when writing your flyer copy:

  • Solve your buyer’s problem with your services or listing.
  • It is discouraged to use real estate jargon that the average buyer may not understand.
  • Make an enticing offer that includes a deadline that your buyer must meet.
  • To appear as a helpful advisor, use a conversational tone.

You must provide an enticing copy while also being brief and keeping your content to a minimum. Avoid wordy, long-winded sentences that detract from the flyer’s purpose. Allow the images to speak for themselves instead.

Consider using imagery to highlight the home’s stunning granite countertops and custom island, for example. Use your real estate flyer to sell your property rather than describe the images.

Inspire Action

As a real estate agent, you know the drill: always ask for the sale. The same strategy will be used for your real estate marketing campaigns. After reading your flyer, make sure the recipients understand what to do next. Include the CTA in the center of your flyer, whether it’s to schedule an appointment or call.

Utilize digital platforms

While real estate marketing flyers are an effective way to generate leads, a cross-promotional strategy across multiple platforms is essential. Depending on the CTA, your real estate flyers can be the first stage in the buyer’s cycle and a way to funnel leads to your website. You could, for example, create a blog with detailed information about the flyer’s features and a lead capture form.

Social media, in addition to your website, is an important component of your real estate marketing strategy. Not only should your social media accounts be included on your flyers, but you should also share your listings on social media platforms to increase overall engagement and reach.

PhotoADKing can assist you in taking your real estate marketing to the next level.

  • Real estate flyers are an important part of any agent’s marketing plan. They are not only useful for promoting new listings, but also for advocating for your company and services in order to generate new leads. When creating real estate flyer, consider your marketing strategy as well as the following questions:
  • Who is your target audience? Are you targeting first-time homebuyers, renters, sellers, and so on? This will help you frame your content and imagery.
  • What exactly is your goal? Set broad goals for your real estate flyer in order to track performance and ROI.
  • What is your distinguishing feature? What sets you apart from the other agents in your area? How can you provide buyers with unique value?

Real estate flyers can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and ROI. When done correctly, you can promote your listing and reach out to new potential buyers in your area.

Now that you’ve made the decision to use real estate marketing, use PhotoADKing to create professional-looking real estate flyers. You can increase your exposure and highlight the best features of your listing with a few clicks.

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