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The ACT is a form of test which is for national college admissions. It is the same as SAT exam, which is for 4-years in colleges along with universities in the United States. The ACT test will cover all 4 major subject areas including English with Mathematics and Reading, with Science.  The name also knows this as an achievement test that helps in measuring the contents which you have basically learned at school.  If you are more serious about your study then it will give you the main chance to prepare yourself for ACT prep test Students who are moving for this test will have a writing section that is fully optional in nature.

 Students will not take writing tests separately they have to take the other four main sections along with writing test to get the best score. The registration for this test will be done in an online mode and it will cost around $ 70. Students will not be doing the writing options. It will cover the reports of high school along with four colleges. Students are required to enter the schools’ codes they had registered.

 How to get a good Act Score?

The American College Testing (ACT) is regarded as one of the best prestigious exams that are connected globally.  In this exam, almost 2.5 million students appear every year. It is a competitive exam that requires more preparation in advance.  If the students are able to get a good score then they can easily take admitted to good colleges.

A good ACT score is really important for taking admission to colleges as the admission officer mainly uses it to judge the academic preparedness that is needed in college. Along with that act score will be incorporated into annual act statistics if you have been admitted to the college. The general public on the other side will help in making the data that is used for the judgment part. If the score on the ACT is high then it would be better for the public to think of the best college.

 The act consists of all 4 main sections that will cover down

  • English
  • Math’s
  • Reading 
  • Science 

Each subject will score on a scale of 1 to 36. The act score will be the average of all 4 sections. You have to score 24 in each section to get a good act score. Here are some tricks that will help in improving the ACT score

  • Better for the students to get a baseline score
  •  Better to select  real goals and  expectations 
  •  Better to make a good study plan
  •   Knowing the format of ACT which would able to  prepare for the test
  •  Better to take practice tests and problems on regular basis.
  •  Don’t take more stress

 These are some tricks that will help the students to move for act preparation. A score below 16 is not accepted. It would be a better option for the clients if they should gain more than a 17 scores in order to take admission.

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