Take Time To Write Your SOP (Statement Of Purpose)

Take Time To Write Your SOP (Statement Of Purpose)

The SOP or ‘Statement Of Purpose’ is another integral part of your overseas application process.

For those who don’t know what SOP denotes –

It is a comprehensive article that explains details about your background, career ambitions and why you desire to enrol into a specific course program from your targeted university. 

Moreover, the SOP article also sheds light on all your accomplishments, academic interests during your college and university days and hobbies in general.

Keeping this in mind, the wise move would be not to be hasty when crafting your SOP essay. Rather time and aim to make it as distinctive as feasible.

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1. You Need To Arrange A LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

The LOP – Letter of Recommendation is provided or procured from your high school or college tutor. If you have done your education from a private institution, you will need the organisation’s head of the teaching faculty to issue a LOR.

This LOR aims to highlight your skills, successes, behaviour, and contributions to your school/college or educational institution. In short, LOR will help you overseas admission council to get insights into your life and times at school/college.

2. Make An Adequate Transcript:

To be eligible to study overseas from India, you must also craft an adequate transcript. It serves as a consolidated marks sheet (much like an academic record). It should include all subjects/courses that you’ve studied to date.

Plus, it must also include all your achieved credits, examination grades and the qualification degree.

3. Craft The Perfect Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

You must also look to craft a curriculum vitae and keep it on standby, just in case. 

The crafted resume will incorporate all your attained educational degrees, certifications, personal details, and previous working experience.

Don’t make it too long when you sit down to create your resume. Instead, keep it short, crisp and clear. 

Mind the language you use, and don’t overcompensate on any front. Include your correct and easily verifiable facts in your resume.

If you have never written a resume, you can always use professional assignment writers’ help to make one for you. All you need to do is convey whatever facts or data you wish to include into your CV. These writers will craft a resume incorporating all of them promptly. 

4. Apply For Student Visa Beforehand 

Additionally, look to apply for the student’s Visa beforehand (like 8-9 months ago). These things take time, so it bodes well to apply for your Visa with considerable time.

Different countries come with their own series of requirements for their Visa applications. So, it’s always best to associate with an experienced and reputed student counsellor. S/he will walk you through the entire Student visa process and aid you in preparing all the mandatory paperwork you must submit.

Here’s an index of those crucial documents for your Student Visa application process

  • Proof of admittance into a revere college/university
  • Residence permit
  • Language proof certification
  • Parental/legal guardian consent (if you are not 18)
  • Photos in passport size
  • Xerox copy of your up-to-date passport  
  • COVID-19 Vaccination reports
  • Proof of being financially stable to study overseas post-school/college from India

Final Lines:

There are so many different places overseas that you can relocate to for your higher education. Those popular countries that you can include in your check-list are –

  • The United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Australia

You can Google the names of top universities and the courses these countries offer their students. 

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