Want to get into video marketing with the help of a production company near me to promote your products or services, but are not sure where to start? We understand because it’s not always easy to find your way around when you’re learning this tool for the first time. Much like social media, TV advertising, or any other tool used to communicate a message, there are good practices to follow if you want to be successful. Otherwise, it’s a bit like a sword in the water. That’s why we’re here to enlighten you on the dos and don’ts of animated video. You will thank us later!

1. A short and effective video, you will create

Well, we may not be teaching you anything new by writing these lines, but no one really has any interest in watching a marketing video that never ends. As we explained in our last blog post, human attention spans are rather short, so as a general rule, the optimal length for your video should be between 60 and 90 seconds.

The length can depend on several factors, such as the objective and the broadcasting channel. For example, a video designed to educate on any topic can stretch up to about three minutes. On the other hand, a video intended to be shared on social media should not be too long, since the majority of users on these platforms consume short content.

In addition, it is essential to capture the attention of the audience from the first seconds. No need to tell you that people pick up quite quickly if they do not feel immediately challenged. A good way to arouse their interest is to set the table by identifying a problem or an issue that your target is facing. If the person suffers the effects of this problem, there is a good chance that they will watch your entire video to discover what you have to offer them.

2. An accessible tone, you will adopt

The goal of video marketing is often to increase your sales and attract new leads. However, it is not necessary to adopt a sales-oriented tone, on the contrary, it will repel a large majority of your audience.

Today, consumers increasingly identify with brands that have a story to tell and concrete solutions to provide. Consumers must be at the center of your concerns; they want to feel listened to. Our friendly advice: don’t bombard them with listing the benefits of your product or service, no matter how fantastic. The key is instead to focus on how your product or service can help them through video companies near me.

3. A relevant story, you will tell

Have you ever heard of storytelling? Several brands have adopted this strategy in recent years, and it works! In fact, it is even essential to use it in video marketing. Since it helps to make a subject more interesting, understandable, and relevant to the target audience. In short, a subject with which she can identify. The more a person identifies with a brand, the stronger their affiliation with it.

Seeking to publicize its services, the company contacted us to create a marketing video. That presents a problem that their target may experience, then a solution to it. It was all presented using a script that the audience can relate to.

Finally, it is also important to integrate your brand image through the video: your colors, your typography, your logo, etc. Your identity should be communicated and easily recognizable to the audience.

5. The user experience, you will prioritize

In the register of mistakes to avoid when creating a marketing video. Not adapting the format of the latter for smartphones. In today’s era, people are rarely without their cell phones. Even though most of them consume the majority of content on this device.

It should also be remembered that many of these users watch videos while on the move. And therefore watch them without sound. The solution is to add subtitles or any other form of text to the video. That makes it easier to understand it, even without the volume being turned on.

6. The performance of the video, you will measure

The last command and not the least! Whether your video is organic or sponsored, it is important to pay close attention to its results and then. If necessary, make the necessary improvements. Here are some examples of performance indicators to analyze:

The number of views: this is the total number of views of the video (complete or not).

The engagement rate: measures user interactions with the video. For example, for a YouTube video, it is calculated like this: number of likes + number of comments/number of views.

Shares: Sharing a video often indicates that it is generating reactions from the audience, whether positive or negative.

Average watch time: This indicates how far the audience has watched your video. Logically, if the average view time is not very high. It probably means that your content is too long or does not hold enough attention.

Click-through rate: This stat shows how many people clicked on your video after noticing it. The click rate can therefore say a lot about the. Effectiveness of the title and the thumbnail (thumbnail) of your video.

Audience: Some platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, provide data about your audience. Including age, gender, and location, which helps confirm whether your video is reaching your audience.

It’s no longer a secret for anyone. The effectiveness of video content is no longer to be proven for a company. It’s the perfect way to promote your brand while creating a connection with the audience. Need help? We’re here to help you create a custom animated video that meets your needs.

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