The 8 Scariest Video Games Of All Time

Do you like the thrill of video games? You are not alone. Every gamer has one or more favorite gaming styles. Some people like it when the fighting is tough and the victory is all the better. So they turn to Souls-like games.

Others are looking for strong emotions as these particularly touching titles can offer. And some simply like to be scared. This is a good thing because the survival-horror genre is rather rich in scary games. Here are the 8 scariest games in the history of video games.

The games in our ranking are really not to be put in all hands. Especially those placed on the podium. But nothing prevents you from trying them, even if you are not a horror game fan. Note that these titles are not only scary, but they are also very good games.

Lights out, headphones on, eyes wide open: let the horror begin. Horror games provide an ambivalent and addictive pleasure. On the one hand, our escape reflexes are activated while on the other hand, our curiosity pushes us to go on and overcome all the monsters, zombies, or aliens in the world. So if you also like to scare yourself while playing, we have compiled a list of the scariest games we know. Check out our ranking of the 8 scariest video games of all time:

1. Alien: Isolation

Alien fan or not, we really recommend you to check out Alien: Isolation if you are looking for a thrill. The Xenomorph puts you under constant pressure, which makes the game really challenging.

2. Forbbiden Siren

The survival horror proposed the concept of Vision, allowing one to see through the eyes of the demonic entities (shibitos) that surround the player. We let you imagine the tension.

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3. Amnesia: Rebirth

The setting of Amnesia Rebirth, in addition to its art direction, makes the adventure particularly traumatic. Especially as your character finds himself particularly helpless in the face of the threats around him.

4. Silent Hill 4

Silent Hill 4 puts us in a situation of almost permanent insecurity. Poor Henry is constantly surrounded by demonic creatures and frightening supernatural phenomena. And it is the player who suffers.

5. Resident Evil 7

Already very scary in classic mode, Resident Evil 7 is an almost traumatic experience in VR. To be recommended only to the most courageous players, because moments of tension and jump scares are omnipresent.

6. Outlast 2

Both episodes of Outlast would have had their place in this ranking. But Outlast 2 is even more disturbing than its predecessor. By exploring the terrain of particularly macabre sectarian aberrations, Outlast puts us under constant pressure. Horribly exhilarating.

7. Project Zero

Project Zero is as original as it is creepy. Released on PS2 in 2001, the game has an oppressive atmosphere. Its creepy mansion filled with ghosts leaves the player under permanent tension, only equipped with a simple camera to defend himself.

8. Visage

It is very difficult to recommend Visage. The game is so oppressive, so creepy, that even the most reckless of players might find themselves at a loss. Nevertheless, the title doesn’t only rely on fear, but also on its well-thought puzzles to lure you into its clutches. Psychological horror at its best.

Other horror games

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010): Our protagonist wakes up disoriented and amnesiac in an old castle that he has to discover.
  • Slender: The Eight Pages (2012): How to create an absolutely awesome horror game with simple means: the free-to-play The Eight Pages. Eight sheets of paper, a flashlight, a forest, and somewhere, the Slender Man.
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017): We’ll mostly enjoy the strange atmosphere and the voices thatSenua hears due to his mental illness. What to dive into a disconcerting universe.
  • Phasmophobia (2020): This multiplayer ghost hunting game is already very popular, although it is still in the Early-Access-Phase. In Phasmophobia you play with four players against all the surprises that ghosts can throw at you.
  • At Dead of Night (2020): An old hotel with a strange and moody owner and ghosts telling crimes, these are the ingredients of At Dead of Night. All with a particular aesthetic mixing real actors and actresses images and digital images.

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