The Best Blockchain Development Company: 5 Tips

The Best Blockchain Development Company: 5 Tips

When it comes to choosing the best blockchain development company, many people have confusion or lack knowledge to make the right selection. And this is obvious since blockchain is not an ordinary technology. 

It is a complex technology that involves different types of programming and application development techniques. Therefore, when you are searching to pick up the right blockchain development company, you need to prepare in advance. 

Being a blockchain developer, I know where most stakeholders make mistakes while selecting. Hence, to assist you, here I have shared the 5 tips for choosing the best blockchain 

development company for your blockchain project. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Blockchain Development Company

Tip #1: Analyze Their Technical Skills and Core Experience

Blockchain is not a simple technology. It requires high-level programming and coding. Blockchain is based on the cryptography technique. So it expects blockchain developers to be proficient in the data structure, distributed ledger, and different programming languages. Things become even more challenging when you want to build smart contracts or SaaS applications with blockchain. 

Hence, when you select any blockchain development company, you should deeply analyze their technical skills and expertise in this technology. If you didn’t focus or properly analyze the expertise of the blockchain developer or the company, your project might get at risk. Therefore, you should have a pre-planned strategy to assess the technical skills and core experience of the blockchain development company.

Here, I advise you to go through the portfolios of their previously delivered blockchain development projects. Or you can take interviews of the developers by assigning them a real-life task to specifically assess their skills. Below I have mentioned the key skills that a professional blockchain developer must have: 

1. Good understanding of the blockchain technology

2. Expert in one of the high-level programming languages

3. Proficient in cryptography and security principles

4. Skilled in distributed systems and P2P networking

5. Knowledge of smart contracts

6. Excellent knowledge of data structures and algorithms

7. Web as well as basic mobile app development

Tip #2: Hire Blockchain Development Company From a Reliable Source

With the disruption of digital transformation, blockchain technology is accessible everywhere. You can find developers from the USA, UK, India, and other countries. 

And to find a blockchain development company, you would discover them on the Internet, right? This is where you have to pay attention. Google or other sites might give you tons of information about many companies. As a result, things might get more complicated to pick up. 

Therefore, you should search for companies on reliable platforms or sites that provide trustworthy information about blockchain development companies. For example, you can visit company directory platforms like Clutch, and GoodFirms to find the best blockchain development company. These platforms provide a reliable and verified list of companies.

Tip #3: Assess the Skills of Blockchain Developers

Whether you hire blockchain developers from freelance sites or outsource your project to a dedicated blockchain development company. In both ways, you need to make sure that developers hold proven skills in blockchain development. There are many technologies and frameworks for developing blockchain-based web or mobile applications. 

Each technology requires specific skills and expertise. Failing to validate their skills might lead to wrong or counter-productive results. Hence, when you select blockchain developers, make sure they are proficient in using the required blockchain technologies for your project. 

Here are the most commonly used technologies in blockchain development. 

  • Solidity programming
  • Ethereum
  • Metamak 
  • Mist
  • Mist
  • Stellar
  • Hyperledger Fabric

Tip #4: Select the Suitable Pricing Model

When you outsource your project to blockchain development, they can charge in two ways. Either per hour rate or fixed cost for the entire project. So, before you make an agreement, you should check which pricing model suits your project best. 

If you have a small-sale project which doesn’t require advanced solutions, then go with per hour rate pricing model. This will help you save costs. And if you have an enterprise-scale blockchain development project then go with a fixed price model. 

However, these pricing models can’t help you much in saving blockchain development costs. It is because it primarily depends on the blockchain development company’s price. How much are they offering you at a cost-efficient price as compared to other companies? 

Hence, if you want to ensure whether the cost of your project is okay, ask for quotes from other companies and compare them. But, don’t think hiring the best blockchain development company is cheap. It truly requires investment. 

Tip #5:  Check their Portfolios and Client’s Feedback

Lastly, to select a blockchain development company, take a look at the portfolios and their client’s feedback. This will give you an idea and overview of the company’s expertise and experience in the field. 

While you explore the blockchain development portfolio, try to go through some of the case studies as well. It will help you understand their development strategy and working methodology. And then take feedback from the previous or existing clients about their performance, availability, commitment, and project delivery. 

Final Words

Choosing the best blockchain development isn’t a complex task. You simply need a basic understanding of blockchain technology. And have a well-defined pre-planned strategy to find out the right blockchain developer. But the selection might vary if you have a blockchain-based mobile application project. 

In this case,  I advise business people to find the top mobile app development company. They recruit full-time blockchain developers. It ensures credibility and quality assurance throughout the project. So depending on your goal and budget, choose the company. 

About the Author

The author is associated as a Blockchain developer with MobileCoderz company which provides best-in-class blockchain development services to international businesses. She is a certified Ethereum developer and highly proficient in Solidity programming and cryptography. When she is not busy with blockchain, She likes to read sci-fi novels and do snorkeling. 

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