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The Easiest Way to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

Google reviews are one of the most important factors in a business’s success. Almost all customers read reviews before they make a purchase. Reviews add credibility to your business and help you build customer trust. Let’s see what the true meaning of Google reviews is for your business, and how you could maximize the benefits.

Google Reviews Are Honest Opinions from Past Customers

Google reviews from actual customers are extremely valuable. They work as social proof, a powerful marketing tool. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that makes people follow each other in new situations. People generally trust other people rather than businesses, and no wonder. Everyone knows that businesses aim to sell something, and they will of course praise their own products and services. The goal is to make money. However, another customer’s opinion often comes from an altruistic place. Maybe the experience was very bad, and the customer wants to warn others so that they don’t make the same mistake. On the other hand, they might have had a very pleasant experience, and want to share it with others so that others can enjoy it, too.

Customer Reviews Are More Trusted Than Advertisements

Here’s a more tangible example:

Imagine you come across a new business. Their website is amazing, they promise grand things in their advertisements, and they offer very sweet prizes. But since you have never heard of this company before, you are cautious. You will search for other people’s experiences to find out if you can trust the company. You might ask your friends, but also ask people online. Google, Yelp, and other review sites come to your mind. If there are no Google reviews, you might question the legitimacy of the company altogether. At least you will think it’s not a very established company. If you find Google reviews, especially positive ones, you are more likely to trust the company and purchase something. On the other hand, if you see lots of negative reviews, you might avoid the business.

Take Control of Your Google Reviews

So, how could you benefit from all this information as a business owner? First of all, if you don’t have Google reviews yet, start asking for them! When you don’t proactively encourage people to leave them, only the ones who are extremely happy or unhappy will do it. When you start asking for reviews, even the people who have a regular or somewhat pleasant experience will start writing them. Now, if you already have Google reviews, you should definitely add them to your website. When you embed Google reviews on your website using a stylish and branded Google review widget, you get the following benefits:

  1. You build trust immediately when a customer lands on your website.
  2. You offer potential customers more information about your products through customer reviews.
  3. Your website gets a dynamic element that helps you engage website visitors.
  4. Your conversion rate increases, which means you get more customers.
  5. Your search engine results improve.

The Easiest Way to Embed Google Reviews

What if I told you that you can tap into the above benefits in under one minute, and completely free? It is possible with Trustmary’s Google review widget. hey offer the easiest and fastest way to add Google reviews to your website.

Step 1: Write your Google My Business location to the page linked above. 

Click Create widget. You are directed to the Trustmary login page.

Step 2: Log in to Trustmary with a work email address. 

Next, you are directed to a page where you see your automatically created widget that features your best Google reviews.

Optional step: Edit the review widget to fit your brand by modifying the colors, fonts, and text. You can come back to this step later, and all changes will be updated automatically.

Step 3: Copy the review widget embed code and paste it into your website’s backend using HTML.


You can easily add your Google review to your website with a handy Google review widget. It’s completely free and only takes a minute to set up. After that, you can start reaping the benefits: a higher conversion rate, more customers, and more sales.

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