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6 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom

There’s nothing better than waking up to something beautiful in the morning. Your bedroom is a space where you can completely make your own. No matter what type of style you have, there are so many ways to create a beautiful bedroom space in your home. If you’re moving into a new place or just want to spruce up what you already have, here are six tips for decorating a beautiful bedroom.

1. Choose A Color Palette 

One of the keys to decorating a beautiful bedroom is to make everything look cohesive. You can do this by choosing a color palette for your room. Every item that you decorate the bedroom with will fall into this color palette. So no matter what, any item that you add will seamlessly flow into the design of your room. 

You can center your color palette around your chosen bedspread and carpet as these are some of the biggest pieces of your space. For a peaceful and easy-to-decorate bedroom going with a muted color palette will give you the best results. Think soft creams, beiges, and an accent color here or there. 

2. Be Mindful of the Space 

A beautiful space will be easy to get around. A cluttered space can cause stress and make everything look and feel messy. When you pick out furniture and other larger decor items, make sure that you are mindful of the space that they take up. 

You should always measure the areas of your space and the furniture you are getting before putting them in. If you have high ceilings, try installing a large headboard to add intrigue to the space. If you have a lot of extra space at the end of your bed, try adding in a bench. There are plenty of ways you can decorate to fill the space that you have and keep it looking flawless. 

3. Add a Wall Detail 

Another way to make your bedroom look sleek and pretty is to add detail to your walls. Instead of just hanging up photos and paintings, try installing a textured wall panel. You can do this in a contrasting color or keep it simple and allow the texture to be the star of the show. 

If you want to install something more permanent, check out this extensive interior design guide from The Home Blog. You can learn all of the best tips to help you create the perfect details for your bedroom. 

4. Hang Up Curtains 

Instead of keeping your windows bare or just using flimsy blinds, try hanging up curtains. You can use sheer curtains to let in a nice amount of light first thing in the morning. Curtains can also make a space feel cozier or add an ephemeral vibe to your decorating style. 

5. Add Different Lighting 

You can bring a lot of intrigue into a space with the type of lighting that you install. Most bedrooms will have a light on the ceiling. But you can create a beautiful space by installing different types of lighting around your bedroom. This included bedside lamps, sconces, or other standing lighting fixtures in dark corners. Adding different lighting can make your space feel more inviting, open, or cozy depending on the vibe that you are going for. 

If you have a vanity or workspace in your bedroom, you can also try different lighting to make those spaces more unique and easier to use. 

6. Built-in Storage 

Keeping all of your belongings and clutter all over your bedroom can make it messy and unpleasant to the eye. That’s why you should consider built-in storage in your bedroom space. You can either have storage like shelving or closets built into the walls. This makes them seamlessly blend into the rest of your space. 

Or, you can use hacks like a storage ottoman or benches at the end of your bed to organize your stuff. Built-in storage will help everything in your room have a place and keep it beautiful. 


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so try these tips to create a room that you love waking up to every day. Even a simple switch can turn your space from drab to fab.

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