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Top 5 Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2022

With summer upon us, it’s time to refresh your fragrance collection. In today’s article on the best summer perfumes for women, you’ll find that great fragrances aren’t just reserved for colder seasons.

All those who are looking forward to the summer holidays know that as the days get warmer and longer, we tend to wear fresh fragrances that are fresh and airy.

Some may even know that just a whiff of a favorite perfume can instantly transport us to our favorite places we’ve visited before and remind us of the people we shared those moments with. .

It goes even further, and according to Southtree – “Smell is actually the strongest human sense, and contrary to popular belief, can be as powerful as the sense of smell in dogs and rats (to certain degrees). “

Olfactory memory was the central idea around which this article on summer fragrances for women was created, and we think the fact that you’re getting some advice from the opposite sex gives you an idea. How men perceive perfumes worn by women in summer.

My previous article was similar to this one but tried to provide more than just a random top 10 list for men, and usually included perfumes, shopping tips, and more to help you shop. Before you have everything you need. A fragrance

Professional tips for perfume

In this section of the best summer perfumes for women, you’ll find a selection of men’s perfumes that breathe fresh air into the theme.

As for me, I always either try these perfumes on myself, or on my girlfriend to get a clear picture of the scent’s development, longevity and sillage.

The following section serves as an educational tool before the actual list if you haven’t read it in my previous edition of the best summer fragrances for men.

What is the definition of summer perfume?

When we think of summer, what kind of fellowship first comes to mind? The ocean, vacations, suntan lotion, sand, juicy fruit, cocktails, and more. Okay fine?

So, fragrance-wise, it’s not strange to see summer perfumes made up of similar dynamic notes such as the following:

• Peony

• lime

• orange

• Green tea

• Magnolia

• Light woods

• Musk

• Nautical notes


• Neroli

• peach

• Jasmine

• Rose

These easy-going notes, which lift our spirits, set the tone for the following theme.

Fragrance family

Fragrance families are a classification system used by the perfume industry to place different fragrances into olfactory groups.

In addition to olfactory groups, in the word perfume, we also have two other terms:

• Notes

• Contracts

Notes are commonly known as perfume indigent, and accords are “fantasy” notes made from several other notes to achieve a distinct accord (note).

Notes and contracts are separated into three different classes known as the perfume pyramid:

• Top Notes

Middle note

• Basic Notes

Each of the distinct note phases is carefully crafted by the perfumer to evaporate accordingly.

For example, top notes like citrus, for example, evaporate faster than cedarwood and vetiver that are found in the middle or base phase of a perfume.

In modern perfumery, accords are an important part of creating a harmonious blend of two or more notes into a specific scent.

The fragrance wheel is a great tool for determining what type of scent you might like. As you can see, the colors blend into each other, and the opposite colors clash.

Adjacent groups share common odor characteristics, similarities and differences in their odor profile.

There are also main groups and sub-groups of Oriental, Floral, Woody and Fresh and this is a great place for perfume beginners.

For example, the Woody and Oriental families share a common warm and dry theme, while Fresh and Floral are bright, powdery and airy.

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Fragrance strength and number of scents

Aroma strength and perfume concentration refers to the concentration of the raw material oil, and affects sillage and projection.

All perfume products fall into these main categories:

Eau Fraiche 1-3%

• After Shave/Mist/Splash 1-3%

• Eau de Cologne 2-4%

Eau de Toilette 5-15%

Eau de Parfum 15-20%

• Pure Parfum/ Extract de Parfum 20-40%

For an easy visual guide to seeing the difference in concentration, check out the info graphic below.

Best Summer Perfumes for Women: List

It’s always harder for me to explore the feminine side of perfumery because I mostly wear unisex or men’s fragrances which made this list even more fun to do.

Don’t forget to mention that when testing women’s perfumes in a perfume shop, I sometimes get a strange look at a perfume shop that is clean.

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Why I chose Coco Mademoiselle: I can hardly think of another fragrance out there that smells as beautiful and works as well in summer as Coco Mademoiselle.

Top notes of citrus make this perfume modern, while heavy notes like patchouli and rose make it timeless. Coco Mademoiselle is still one of the best-selling women’s perfumes in the world 20 years after its release, which proves this fact.

Also stands as one of the most wearable channels of all time, and perhaps the last channel for women to make such a big impact on the fashion world.

It’s very warm, but I can see it being worn all year round with the floral/woody herbal notes giving it a full body experience. A perfume that every woman should have in her collection.

2. Hermès Eau des Merveilles

Why I chose Eau des Merveilles: If you’ve slept on this masterpiece until now, now is the perfect time to discover it before the heat of summer. Coming from Hermès, a brand that is as important in the perfume world as Dior or Chanel, I guarantee you will fall in love with the airy Eau des Merveilles that wears like a second skin.

A well-blended bitter orange scent with a hint of sweetness that becomes more gummy and woody as the scent dries down while not overpowering the citrus.

I also get saltiness, metallic notes, a powder depending on what time of year I smell it. Typically linear but it’s a chameleon in disguise that doesn’t project too much, and is enough to get you through the workday.

3. Elizabeth Arden Green t

Why I chose green tea: One thing I didn’t know until now was that green tea was created by the famous Francis Kurkdjian who has his own line that pays quite well.

Now, about the green tea. I mean, there’s nothing to dislike about this creation. An easy to wear everyday fragrance with a citrus/green scent profile. A refreshing and light creation to start your day off on the right foot, and probably the cheapest women’s perfume on this list.

The fragrance feels elegant, relaxing and sophisticated while being considered natural. You can’t go wrong with green tea, and certainly, you wouldn’t expect it to smell good. When you think about what Jo Malone charges ten times more for similar creations, the price of this perfume increases even more.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun for Women

Why I Picked Light Blue Sun: The combination of lemon, coconut, and frangipani makes Sun sitting atop a suspiciously musky light blue, the most interesting flanker to date.

This fragrance is nice and oddly an underrated release from the line that will visually transport you to the beach, the beach, and similar places near the ocean.

The top notes of citrus, fruit and musk blend well into the base and create a fresh tropical fruit drink that anyone will love. As for longevity, it depends on where you wear it. I recommend wearing sunscreen in an office environment because the literal sun will wash it off your skin very quickly.

5. Christian Dyer Miss Dyer

Why I picked Miss Dior: One of my girlfriend’s favorite fragrances from her collection, and she says that Miss Dior is simple beauty in a bottle.

As for me, I agree and when I smell it I imagine a combination of fruits mixed with rose marmalade and clean patchouli slowly rising from the earth. .

As someone who is familiar with the neroli note, I don’t get it here, so you have no fear of smelling like a grandma from the 1920s.

There is also an Eau de Toilette for longevity, but the main advantage is that wearability is the main advantage here. Wear it wherever you want. Beach or cocktail bar. That’s what works. I believe this is one of the latest Dior.

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