Top 8 Education Apps for Android and iOS

In this world of technology, owning a smartphone – be it Android or iOS – has become more of a necessity than an option. We don’t just use it to call or text other people but to accomplish a wide range of day-to-day work in today’s date. It is no surprise that education technology companies are now focusing on developing apps and online platforms that can be easily accessed on smartphones.

In this blog, I will talk about the top education apps that users can access on their android or iOS smartphones.

  1. Khan Academy:

Ranking the no. 1 education app for iPhone and Android is not exactly easy when there are so many contenders for the spot. However, one must agree that Khan Academy is one of the best education apps (if not THE BEST) available for smartphone users. This free-to-use app can help you strengthen the fundamentals of any subject.

Develop a strong foundation about different topics, including history, sciences, maths, geography, and more. You can find this app on both Google Play Store and iTunes. The app allows you to get a strong educational base of a particular subject and prepares you for the more complex sections of that subject.

  1. YouTube:

Most of us believe that YouTube only has entertainment videos to offer. But in reality, YouTube has more to offer than we realize. It is basically a platform for user-generated content. If you look for the right videos, you can certainly find a lot of education-related channels on the platforms with educational videos of different types.

From simple how-to videos to insightful, analytical videos, YouTube has a bundle of educational materials on almost every topic you can think of. Simply find some of the best educational channels on YouTube and subscribe to them of the necessary videos on your preferred topic.

  1. Photomath:

This fun app can help students complete their algebra projects and homework in a jiffy. It not only helps you solve algebraic equations but also allows you to understand the logic behind the given problem. It is also very easy to use. You only need to click a photo of the algebra problem on your phone, and the app then plays the role of your tutor to help you understand the problem.

It shows you every step of the solutions that lead you to the correct answer. Photomath basically helps you playfully master the principles of algebra. It makes you confident about solving your math homework with perfection and be confident about your math solving skills.

  1. MyAssignmenthelp: is the leading website in the field of academic writing services, and now it has an app for both android and iOS users. The app allows you to request do my assignment on a wide variety of topics, and there are more than 5,000 qualified experts to assist you with your assignment.

Students can get solutions for all types of academic problems within their preferred deadline. The website even allows the students to chat with the customer support team, who responds almost immediately. Also, assignment writing services are available at affordable prices. Students can also expect plagiarism-free solutions from the app.

  1. My Study Life:

This app is meant for students who are having trouble meeting deadlines. It allows you to prepare a plan for the day so that you bring discipline to learning. It basically plays the role of your school calendar. The regular notifications keep you stay in line with the upcoming deadlines – be it your homework or the submission date of your coursework.

The methodical approach of this app lets you simplify the different complexities that academic life comes with. Just download this app on your mobile phone and take better control of your academic career.

  1. EdX:

This unique and free education app enlists various courses that are available in colleges. You can simply enrol for one of these courses on EdX as their well-curated curriculum paves the way to get information about the curriculum taught at major institutes like MIT and McGill. You can improve your knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, including computer programming, psychology, statistics, engineering, nutrition, and more.

This app allows you to access a range of online and offline lectures along with quizzes and assignments. Millions of students have already signed up with EdX for higher education in their preferred subject areas. This can be better described as an app for exhaustive learning.

  1. Wolfram  Alpha:

Gain insights about almost any topic you can think of with this app. It is supported by an array of algorithms and information. Often referred to as a knowledge engine, this app offers you the strength of authentic and reliable data.

It extracts and presents data from different sources. It is basically a one-stop solution to all your educational needs, offering you almost everything you need to know about your preferred subject area.

  1. Mendeley:

Mendeley is a PDF reader app that lets you collate and manage your research citations well. You can use it with the rest of your in the simplest way. It further permits you to search for different journal articles. You can effortlessly access huge PDFs in an instant.

Streamline your research work and manage your reference well with this app. As mentioned, it allows you to seamlessly collaborate with others. You can also discover the latest research with this app.

Final thoughts

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the number of education apps in the market. While there are plenty of amazing education apps being introduced every month, it is advised to keep an eye on the EduTech market to stay updated about the latest innovation in the area.

Author bio: Brian Mendez is a high school professor in the UK. He is also a part of the team of finance assignment help experts at, where he offers academic writing help to students on requests.

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