Top Benefits of Including a QR Code in Your Plastic Business Cards

Millions of business cards are being printed every day. They are still the most effective and affordable marketing tool for professionals. But many people these days toss away business without even taking a look. All they do is take out their smartphone and Google the name of the company. But including a QR code in the business card will solve all the problems.

Plastic business cards with QR codes will let you share your contact details. It helps in adding digital capabilities to your cards. The recipients can just share the code for reaching your business website or saving your content.

Explore the Age of Networking

Networking is important, especially when you have a real estate business, consultancy agency, or insurance agency. But many people depend on plastic business card printing for networking. It can be pretty limiting, especially because almost every business is using one.

A card with a QR code will help in growing your network. If you print such cards, you can let your potential clients get information about your business simply by scanning the QR code. With them, you do not have to worry about networking anymore. It can make business cards more efficient.

Share Contact Details and Grow Your Network

One of the biggest drawbacks of a square business card is that makes it a tedious process for your recipients to save their contact details. They will have to copy contact details from the business card to their smartphone. This is time-consuming and is also prone to error. Your recipient might end up entering the wrong phone number or name.

A business card with a QR code will help in speeding up the contact-saving process. The recipients can simply scan the QR code for reaching the profile page where they will have all the details and save the contact number. With this, you don’t have to worry about your customers having to enter their contact details, manually.

Share More Details

Regular square business cards are 3.5 inches in size. So, you will only be able to put only a little information on them. A majority of the business cards have the name of the person, email ID, contact number, and address. However, you might also like to share other details, such as your website links, social media handles, and images.

With square business card printing that includes QR codes, you will be able to share a lot more information. Basic details, such as name, address, contact details, social media profiles, and a lot more information can be included in the business card. Hence, your prospective clients will be able to learn more about you.

Check Content in Real Time

Business cards come with a lower shelf life since the information on them keeps changing. Your address, phone number, and email ID could change with time. Whenever they change, you will have to reprint and distribute the business card that results in a higher price.

If there is a QR code, you will be able to update the details in real-time. Just edit the profile age as many times as you want while keeping the same QR code same on the business card.

Leverage More than One Channel

You can hand over your business card in person to your recipients. There is no other way of distributing them. Thus, your reach might be limited. On the other hand, sharing QR code business cards will help with broader reach. It will help in improving your connections.

Bottom Line

Business cards with QR codes are a new age alternative to a regular business card. It offers an omnichannel experience and helps your business gain more popularity among customers. Digital business is not going to replace regular business cards anytime soon. So, you need to make sure that you are using the best techniques to reach out to more customers through them. You should also hire the right printing company to print the best business card for you.

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