Types of Printer Toners with Their Pros and Cons

Types of Printer Toners with Their Pros and Cons

There are different types of printers, and each type of printer uses different materials and methods to print text and images on paper. When we talk about inkjet printers, the very important element for these printers to print is ink. On the contrary, we can not use ink for laser printers to print. These laser printers use toners to print text and images on paper which are placed in different cartridges.

Tonner is a finely crushed powder that enables prints combined with other elements like silica, enabling the toner to move inside the cartridge. It is crucial for one to know about each type of toner to make sure they are not opting for a poor option. Choosing a poor toner not only messes up the print quality but also harms the print and copy machines. You should know which toner you need to buy and use to make sure you receive better prints and ensure the longevity of the print machines.

Keep scrolling down the article till the very last point to get familiar with the common toner types and what are their benefits and drawbacks.

Top 4 Types of Toner Cartridges with Their Pros and Cons

People not using inkjet printers are more likely to opt for laser printers that work in combination with toner cartridges. Inside these cartridges, you will find the toners, which are available in 4 colors cyan, magenta, red, and yellow. This toner is in the powdered form consisting of charged particles that are freely moving and are the reason for the prints on the paper. There are various types of toner cartridges available, and you must opt for the one that works well for your needs and machine.

Following are the most common types of tonners used for laser printers and what are the pros and cons of each toner type.

1. OEM toner cartridge

OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer, and the OEM toners are the ones that are manufactured by the manufacturer that has manufactured the print machine. Such types of toners are the best, and they provide you with quality prints without any sharp lines. Besides these quality prints, they are highly compatible with the printing device, which is difficult to find sometimes. People looking for such compatible and quality tools outsource the printing services, which ensures the provision of quality printing tools like Xerox Toners, Drums and Cartridges at affordable rates. 


  • Low failure rates
  • Produces high-quality prints
  • Does not destroy the print machine


  • It is expensive
  • Compatible with a specific device
  • Not environment friendly

2. New compatible cartridge

If you are not opting for OEM cartridges due to their increased prices, then the very similar option you have is to go for a new compatible cartridge. It is a type of toner cartridge that is manufactured by a manufacturer other than the manufacturer of your print machine. These manufacturers make these cartridges by combining all the compatible parts, which does not have any adverse effect on the print quality or on the machine. But you need to know that these are not up to the mark or level of the OEM toner cartridges and thus have no warranty.


  • Less expensive than OEM
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Good quality prints


  • Can be unreliable
  • No warranty from the manufacturer

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3. Remanufactured cartridge

The recycling of old toner cartridges, identifying the errors and malfunctions, and fixing these problems by the manufacturers result in the remanufactured toner cartridges. These types of cartridges are unpredictable, and one fails to guess whether they will work well with your device or not. The drawbacks of these toners are overpowering and are not the best fit when it comes to quality prints.


  • Cheaper options
  • Some toners come with a warranty
  • Environment friendly


  • Poor quality prints
  • Damage to the print device

4. Refilled cartridge

One of the reasonable and cheapest options among all the toner cartridges is the refilled cartridge. You do not have to replace the cartridge elements and parts to get the prints; only the existing cartridge is refilled. You can keep refilling it until the cartridge wears out and it does not work well anymore. But such options are not the ideal ones when quality prints are the only goal. You can hire printing services that will ensure you get the best printing tools like Xerox print tools at affordable rates and ranges, ensuring you get quality prints.


  • Affordable options
  • Unlimited refills


  • Can leak or clog
  • Breaks the printer

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Are you looking for quality prints?

If you are looking for quality print results, then everything you use for printing purposes should be perfect and compatible. From the print machine to the ink and toner used for printing, all contribute to the quality of the prints. If you have any of these elements missing, then you can outsource the printing services that will ensure the provision of quality printing tools like the Xerox print tools.

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