Weekend getaways from Bangalore


Banglore being the IT hub of India, the skyscrapers, the houses, monuments, man made gardens for Weekend getaway. The city is full of crowds, traffic, and boisterous throngs. Despite every luxury the city gives you, still we need to find our inner peace, we need to fill our souls. If you are willing to spend a weekend in a peaceful place from the busy hectic life of Bangalore, leaving behind all the worries. Or want to have an adventure from humdrum life. There are many options available to getaway from bangalore.

Chikmagalur, nandi hills, mysore, kanakpura, coorg, ramanagra, Dandeli, ooty, wayanad are some places to get away from bangalore..

Nandi hills 

Nandi hills is situated 61 km from bangalore. Located at an altitude of 1478 m. Nandni hills have a panoramic view. Witnessing the sunrise from the top, the breathtaking view and the elegance of the place is mind-blowing. It is a perfect spot to spend your weekend. Tipu sultan fort is a famous tourist spot.


Located 69 km from Bangalore, is a famous camping spot, which will definitely come under budget. Enjoy and make your weekend full of adventure in kanakapura. You can do swimming, trekking, canoeing in kanakapura. Trekking to kabbaladurga is remarkable. Enjoying the surroundings full of nature. October to April is the best time for camping in kanakapura.


Located 267 km from bangalore for Weekend. The misty atmosphere lands full of hills and streams. Coorg is famous for its history, luxury, and adventure. Smell the coffee in the morning as Coorg is famous for producing coffee. Coorg is full of ravishing vistas and opulence. The place is also famous for its arts and handicrafts, the hospitality by locals is so generous. You can trek to madikeri fort. If you are a foodie, explorer, adventurer or calm soul, Coorg is indeed an ideal destination. Coorg has luxury resorts to stay at.


located 49 km away from bangalore for Weekend. Nothing can beat camping in Ramanagara, in the splendid vistas just beyond the sky, camping in scenic locations, away from the city life is the perfect destination on weekends. Nothing can beat the charm of this place. The place is truly for adventure lovers. There is no luxury at ramanagara. March to May is the best time for camping in ramanagara. You can also visit chunchi falls.


located 250 km from Bangalore for Weekend, at an altitude 3440 ft. Chikamagalur is the coffee land of karnataka. tourists around the world visit these coffee plantations. Chikmagalur has numerous waterfalls. It is also famous for its trekking spots. Trek to Kudremukh peak, the third largest peak in karnataka will give you a thriller weekend. There are many big temples. The greenery in Chikmagalur is astonishing as it is located in the heart of western ghats.


located 274 km from bangalore for Weekend. From walking in gardens of paradise, witnessing cultures to sipping tea in tea plantations. Ooty is the most humble gift of nature. It was once the summer capital under British rule. Ooty has been a tourist destination since independence. The stunning landscape, the splendour vistas are just majestic. You can find many bird species in ooty, and beasts as well. Ooty is a part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve. The ecosystem is fragile in the queen of hills. Botanical garden and rose garden are mesmerising. Spend your weekend in one of the best hill stations in south india.

Skandagiri sunrise trek 

located 62 km from bangalore for Weekend. Is the best place for wanderlust to experience the sunrise from the height of 1450 m. It should be on your bucket list for a getaway on weekends. Camping in Skandagiri is indeed a wonderful experience. The trek is 8 km and it will take 12 hours to complete. November to March is the best time for trekking in skandagiri. There are various hotels in Sandagiri to stay at.

Best jungle resort near bangalore

The Serai Kabini is located 154 km from Bangalore for Weekend, on the banks of river kabini. The serene beauty of nature will fulfil your soul. All the expectations will be served in this resort. The wildlife protected area has many species of animals which will show up fearlessly around the resort. 

Waterfront verandah and waterfront villa are two popular accommodation suites. Getting a massage in the spa is one of the best experiences in the forest. The 4 star resort is at the best location for wildlife sightseeing. They provide big spacious air-conditioned bedrooms. The swimming pool is magnificent. It is one of the best resort to spend your weekend.

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