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What Are The Different Kinds of Assignment Writing?

Some of the common types of writing done by our assignment help

There might be a lot of different types of writing you have done in your high school. It can be for an English language or literature subject. If you are in college, writing is said to be the best form of expression. And scholarship in a lot of different fields and also in many courses. The students have to write various essays, thesis, discussion posts. And research papers in different subjects like management. Law, history, chemistry, biology, psychology, art, or computer science and others.

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Writing assignments in college may vary in word count, the purpose of the write up. And the relationship between the assignment writer and the topic. Sometimes the students will have to collect information and write reports on your collection of information. Or sometimes you will also have to compare opinions as our Assignment Helper experts said. You might have to ask to answer different questions and mention your position and support it with good proofs. Some assignments will need a mix of these tasks. However, in every way, you can get help from our online assignment help for this purpose.

The common types of assignments that we cover

When a writing assignment is mentioned in your course syllabus. You need to first understand the assignment even before you begin with it. Now, let us see the areas of assignment writing that the students can get help from us:


The casual analysis explains why something happens or may have happened in the past occasions. Comparison analysis writes about a work by comparing it to different works and discusses the importance of the similarities. The Critical Analysis write about the argument or reasoning of any work. Literary Analysis writes about the student’s interpretation of the meaning. And importance of literary work such as novels, poems and short stories. There is a critic for films, and paintings. Process Analysis explains the steps needed for the production of something. Rhetorical analysis is all about the strategies of an author for expressing the meaning or the achievement of certain results.

Annotated Bibliography

This is about writing a summary or an evaluation of each of the sources. That you need to use in a college project or any assignment paper. Summarize the major points and arguments, and the topics that are mentioned. Now, evaluate or assess the value to the topic you chose.

Literature Review

Writes about different works that make the content your topic. Discusses on how the contribution can be summarized for their main points. 


Writes about a piece that has been studied in class and changed your ability to think and challenge your assumptions. This writing is based on self, as per your reactions, feelings. And experiences, and the evolution and progression of a human thinking.

Research paper

Write a lengthy paper in which you will have to answer a question. Support an argument on the problem given, and give a solution to a problem. Your writing will be based on your ideas and your research on the facts. And information that you collected from online credible sources.


Support your argument position that you chose from the author. Provide ample pieces of evidence from the work and also from some research on what others have talked about it. This is the critical response.


Synthesis is used for the purpose of being organized around a thesis or an argument statement.


Writing a short version of anything in your own words. Explaining only about the main points from the whole write up. It has no personal opinions from the assignment help singapore or the writer of the summary. There are many different types of summaries, depending on the subject.

The Concluding Words

We hope that you have gone through the blog post. And have come to know about the different types of assignments that exists. And all that our online assignment help and helpers will guide you with. We hope that it was useful that you require for you. So, the next time you are writing your assignment paper on any subject. Make sure to our online Assignment Helper for genuine help.

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